well…is that a good word to start a blog? I dont know.
There was this sudden urge to write a blog. Everyone around seems to be writing one. But what do i write in a blog? Should it be on something that interests me or should it be something that others would like to read?
Hmmm..confusing isn’t it?
Let me try analysing why people write blogs…
1)They may just be bored and got nothing better to do…(as in my case).
2)A vent for their frustration.
3)It might be for educative purposes like all those techie blogs we come across…(actually my husband writes one and reads a lot more of those) 
4)They sometimes also create social awareness and sometimes act as advertisement boards.
5)But the most interesting ones are those that deal with the personal experiences of people, their feelings and emotions. I really love reading those. There is so much to learn, so much to laugh and cry about in those blogs. The sense of humor that some people have is amazing to say the least.
Most of them are people i know and they are pretty normal (by my standards ). But their blogs are quite extraordinary. All this has led me to believe that everyone has a story to tell and each one of them will make interesting reads if told with all honesty.
I seem to have caught the blogging bug….I am wondering what to put in my next blog.
Well what was the point of this entire blog….absolutely nothing. I work in a technical support company and was in between calls.
So signing off now…..