One of my fondest dreams always has been to sit in a plush office in a rotating chair, with a computer in front of me and look very important and order people around…yeah you guessed it right!!! I have always wanted to be a manager.(Sometimes I have also wanted to be a psychiatrist and a pilot and a belly dancer but thats not what this blog is about ).
So I am always on the lookout for managers who I feel are really good and deserve to be managers.(Trust me this is a rare and endangered species we are speaking about.). In my career of two and a half years I have met a handful of them. Though the number is small, these men and women have been extraordinary and I have (hopefully) learnt a lot from them.
These people seem to carry an aura with them which immediately commands respect and as soon as you see them you feel that they are in a position of authority(my brother-in-law is one of them.) .It is as if they were meant to be leaders. (You are born with it or it is Maybelline )
Today i met one of these charismatic people. It was one of our managers who had dropped in from UK and he handles the entire UK business.He entered the room and all I could do was go WOW!!!….Ok all the girls who are reading the blog, I do not mean WOW in that way(you know which). He had a certain presence which left no doubt in the minds of everyone present there as to who is the boss. The measured way in which he spoke, the politeness, the vast amount of knowledge he posessed about evry facet of the business made me realise that there is so much more to being a manger than looking and acting important. He has made my resolve to work towards being a manger a bit more stronger. (I so want to be like these amazing people…even if I achieve it in the next 30-40 years…).
This blog is dedicated to all the managers who manage to inspire. (Now you know whom to blame for this blog ).May thier number grow and multiply.
Signing off….