I can hear a lot voices in the background saying… "Look who’s speaking!!!!". I have always been an absolute couch potato and will not and cannot move unless it has anything to do with hip shaking , head bobbing, foot tapping music.
I like to think of myself as healthy and not really on the fatter side. But when my weight started increasing by a few kilos…then alarm bells started ringing everywhere.
My mom was the only one who kept on saying "you are perfectly fine now..make sure you dont grow anymore fat!!" (But I dont know how far this is true ‘cos this is what she has always been telling me.). The rest of the people made sure I knew that I was growing FAT.
But still I was too lazy to excercise…and then I saw a place called ‘MIRACLE’ pretty close to my place.
It is just a small aerobics centre started by a lady called Saritha Madhavan. I thought of trying out this place since there was going to be some music and dance like movements involved and then………I was hooked!!!
The lady is a 5′ 7" dynamo. The fitness she has maintained at 33 put poor 24 me to shame.(She says she had to fight her own battle against weight but she makes it look sooo easy!!!!)
Its not all about losing weight. Its the simple joy you get out of bitching with your girlfriends while working out or exchanging recipes or forwarding your resume when you want to change jobs. It was as if a new world had opened up to me and for the first time in my life I was enjoying exercise.
Though I havent lost more than two kilos in two months its the longest I have stuck onto an exercise regimen.
Hoping that I stick around for some more time and lose a few more of those stubborn kilos…..chao..