orkut is like the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhtest thing on net nowadays…n i am soooooooooooooo happy tht i can meet ma looooooooooooong lost frens. For evryone followin da religion of boredome or preachin it….itz the beeeeeeeeeeeest place 2 be.Allllllllllllll in alllllllllllll it rox…rok on orkut!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah yeah….I know all you guys…(my generation) must be wondering what the hell went wrong with me. The above paragraph was the direct result of extreme boredom and joblessness.

I was browsing through the profiles of a few of my cousins, say 8 to 10 years younger than me and I was astounded to say the least!
They have twisted and rather mauled the english language in a way I couldnt even have imagined!It took me some time for my poor muddled brain to make out the words and then understanding entire sentences was certainly a huge task.
There are so many ‘e and s’s in ‘best’ and there is also a superlative of ‘best’ which is ‘bestest’. Does this mean that these kids (if I can call them that) dont know the correct spelling or the grammar…but they do and very well at that.
Its just ‘kool’ and the ‘in thing’ to speak and write like that nowadays. I dont know if its for the good or bad but its here to stay or so it seems until they can come up with something even better (or worse than that).
So here I am…writing a blog to help out some lost souls like ‘moi’
Here is some help for you to wade through the new english language:
Thumb rules:
*Leave out the ‘g’ at the end of everyword (as in buying=buyin)
*Try and shorten words by just leaving out the vowels or what the hell …just shorten it anyway you like…(life=lyf)
*To express emotions use a lot of letters and elongate the word..the longer it is the more expressive it becomes.
*There are a few words that you got to know though…
The list and the rules are not comprehensive but good enough for a starter…
N hey ppppppppppppppppllll thnx 4 rdin ma blog.Hop u lkd it…. n u mean things…do lev sum comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!