I am in a weird kind of a mood…
As my friend would say, "the shit has hit the ceiling". I am tired and I am losing faith in everything good. ..I made the mistake of watching the movie ‘life in a metro’.
This was one movie which sent ripples through my heart and sort of muddied the clear waters.
It accumulated all the scum in the society and offered it to us on the screen. To boot this Shilpa shetty looks extremely thin and makes me think of all the extra pounds that I have put on  .
The movie uptil the intermission (‘cos I wasnt able to continue with the self inflicted torture anymore) is all about guys having affairs….the wives thinking of having affairs and the girls in call centres more than ready to sleep with anyone just for a pay rise or an out of turn promotion.
There is also the ‘true love’ that a guy feels for his colleague thrown in for good measure. It is another story that this guy keeps lending his flat for the same girl and his boss so that he is ahead in the rat race.
For comic relief there is a gay radio jockey who patafies (truly hinglish) a girl so that he can introduce her to his parents and continues having fun with the radio station’s boss.
The songs are pretty tolerable. I especially liked the one "tumhe bhi ijaazat hai". I dont know the name of the band but they could sure do with a makeover. They need to understand that pot bellied men soaking wet in the rain really isnt a very pleasant sight.
The only saving grace is Nafisa Ali who is getting prettier by the day. Dharmendra should think of quitting movies for good.
If there is anyone who has sat through the entire movie..do enlighten me as to what the director was driving at.