I have always been a huge fan of Paulo Coelho….and now my respect for his work has increased two folds.
I recently read one of his works ‘THE VALKYRIES’. There are so many things I got from this book, so many lines that I have read many times over, amazed by the way he can make normal ,ordinary things seem extraordinary.
There was one line which just wouldn’t let go of me and haunted me until I gave it enough time and pondered over it.
"The clouds are rivers that have already seen the sea"…….hah…gotcha didnt I?? How many times did you read the line?
This single sentence can generate an entire thought process!!
Every drop of water in the cloud has been a part of the sea many a times. It already knows the sea and its untold mysteries and secrets.
So do all of us… we all know the mystery of life. The wisdom of life is inherent in us. It is just a matter of remembering.
Does that mean we know what we want in life and what we want from life….then why do we get into so many strifes and confusions??
Why dont we allow ourselves to remember and unearth the eternal wisdom in our hearts?
They still remain questions to me.
Paulo also comes up with another amazing discovery….
All of us sometimes work towards destroying things that we love the most..sad but its true.
Havent we all faced situations where we have worked hard towards something we want but we just give it up as it is nearing realisation?
Havent we hurt the people we love..the most?…Havent we tried to run away from love?
Is it because we think we dont deserve it?..Paulo comes up with a simple answer and its the simplicity that makes it so beautiful….
We have no right to punish ourselves…we are not the ones who can decide whether we deserve it or not.
Let God decide for us what we deserve. Let him be the one who metes out the punishments. Learn to forgive ourselves!!
Almost sound like our Bhagavadgita…when Krishna says: "Karmanyevaadikaraste…ma phaleshu kadachana"
You have the right to do your karma but not expect any fruits of your labour….lets do some extrapolation on it and say…neither can we expect the right (according to us) fruits for our labours nor should we shun the gifts that we receive.
Let us leave it to Him/Her (or whoever is the supreme power) to decide.
 Just let go and accept and forgive.
And that my friends..ends my philosophical rant for the day…
Love & peace,