Ahh friendship….how do I even start describing it!!!
The most important people in my life, people who have helped me, held me up when I was feeling down, who love me….n sometimes nag me crazy.
There was a time in my life when I thought that all of us would stay together no matter what…ahh those idyllic days…the fun we had, the petty fights, the crushes…n we grew up and grew over all of those and still stuck together for almost eight years.
Now, it seems the time has come for us to disband…chase our dreams, find our very own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
I want to dedicate this to each one of you who have made me what I am today, accepted my shortcomings…and gave me the best gift of life…FRIENDSHIP!!!
hmmm…let me start with the first semester of engineering when I met the people who would become an integral part of my life.
Pauly…the eternal charmer!!
The man who can sell ice to an eskimo….
He was the guy who had the prettiest girls fawning over him…and it hasnt changed much now as well!!!!
Polly dearest, I will always remember you for the ‘society for prevention of cruelty to girls by Polly’ that we started..the giant wheel ride..the late evening philosophic rants.
I will always cherish the comraderie we shared in the graphics class…
Half tea in canteen….your extraordinary linguistic abilities in kannada…all the christmas goodies we would get every year, drinking wine from styrofoam cups inside the classroom…discussing about Sudi’s seasonal crushes and our marathon research on ‘Love’ in British library…. and me giving the now famous dialogue "the opposite of love is not hate but indifference".
Though we both work in the same office, it is tough to meet you with the shift difference.
Keep in touch dude!!!
Ahhh Sudi..now how do I start writing about someone who taught me what friendship was all about.
But I being a persevering soul , am gonna try.
Hated him, have fought with him…I think only a line in kannada can do justice to the early days of our aquaintance…"kaalu kerakonDu jagalakke hogodu"
There have been days when we have scorned each other, matched insult to insult….we wouldn’t pass each other without a barely mutterred curse.
Somewhere down the fights ,the grunts and the very impressive and expressive scowls we became the best of friends!!!!(some credit goes to Pauli as well)
He has always been there for me. A shoulder to lean on…(N yeah I accept…cry on as well).Listened to all my (sometimes famously boring ) problems. I have been a part of all his seasonal crushes and this is one guy who is in love with ‘LOVE’ itself and let me tell you…there is nothing shallow about his emotions.
An amazing cartoonist. A soulful poet…a great mimic…sings well too…(he says he plays cricket well…I dont want to commit on that)
Miss you tons dude. Enough of academia….come home soon.
Hail ‘the magnanimous, the dewine’…THE ONE (spelling mistakes intended).
And hey I forgot to mention—– "Thanks for coming to your sister’s birthday"
Shruti and Shilpa….somehow cant seem to think of them as two separate entities. I have had a bitter sweet realtionship with them.
have fought a lot with them…(though cant remember for what). But then we had the best of times together….
very educational and enlightning experiences. Girls we honed our ‘instincts’ together remember!!!!!
I will always cherish the love showered on all of us by Shruti’s mom, the amazing tea she would untiringly make for all of us. Love you aunty!
Now that all the three of us are married and in different corners of the country..its tough to keep in touch..but I will always remember you both ….for a variety of reasons!!!
Sunitha…the baby of our group. Got to know her too well only recently.
An elfin beauty. Bubbly to a fault.
Would rather call her a pocket venus …has most of the guys who come in contact, falling for her. An emotionally charged person. I am sure there is a treasure trove of strength hidden in that pretty pixie. We all wait for the strong woman to emerge out baby…for the caterpillar(not that you are ugly…I have called you pretty a number of times to make up for this!!) to become a butterfly and I am sure the day you realise you realise your potential there will be no stopping!!!!
Adi….my brother!!!
His friends call him the ‘explosion containment vessel’. This tiny eyed , weird haired creature is someone you can rely upon blindly.
He can absorb so much sorrow and present a placid face to the world. You will never know what’s bothering him until he choses to tell you.
The most focused guy I have ever met. Doesn’t rest till he achieves what he wants to.Isn’t a VTU rank and bits-pilani proof enough!!!
He is the one who would give me long bike rides at super sonic speeds …dude I have loved each and one of those rides.
He is always there for you…day or night. He is the one who helped me skate over my ‘pre-marriage interview’ jitters  .
Do you remember..we had made a list of Dos and Donts and parameters to judge the guy!!!
Ahhh and how can I forget about his 6th sense or the third eye or the gift…he can see the future and predict yours as well!!!
He does palmistry…. but only before 6 in the evening…..the authenticity of these predictions is left to you….but it does help him get in touch with some really cute girls..eh???
He is very proud of his muscular frame and I must say very rightly so!!! But alas……I think his heart has been already stolen and there is not much hope for the pretty lasses in Rajastan!!!!
Waiting for you to come back to bangalore and spend some of the booty that ‘Shell India’ is going to give you!!!!
And at last I am going to write about a person whom I admire a lot and am going to miss the most…..our very own flower boy..Sunil!!!
We got aquainted 8 years ago by a silly letter chain that I was bent upon continuing. That childish letter got me one of my best friends.
He has got an infectitious ‘never say die’ attitude. Is eternally optimistic and as I keep telling him —incorrigibly irrepairably good.
He can go to the extremes for his friends. Will go out of his way for you if he cares for you. A friend to treasure.
I will always remember the day you got pani puri to office…the beautiful roses one fine morning…the chinese medicine when I had a cold..and ohhh..how can I forget the soup and the trip to the doc!!!! (who ironically was only a couple of blocks from my place).
He is the only one who knows of my graceful escapades …(ella namma nammalle irali) and I so very well know about his genuinely —– mistakes!!!
Both of us have one fault in common –verbal diarrohea!!! But its been an absolute pleasure spending all those hours speaking with you and sometimes about absolutely nonsensical stuff…
He has helped me see the big picture always…a chat with him can cheer up anyone!!!!
Now that you are flying off to the US to chase that MBA dream of yours(much too early for my liking)….know that you will be missed sorely by all of us.
Keep in touch. Here is wishing you all that is good and nice and sweet and fun…’cos you of all the people deserve the very best life can offer!!!!
I am yet to write about Dino and Srav and that is for another day and another blog.
Love you all and thanks for making my life so much richer, livelier and so much more fun!!!!
Here is me signing off………….