A huge salute to the clan of maid servants before I start off with this blog.
They are amazing, intriguing and sometimes confusing, to say the least!!!
Myself and my husband moved into a new house in Rajajinagar and I ,who had never bothered myself with anything as mundane as maid servants before, was left to fend for myself..(sigh …sigh). Then came the day when both of us(husband and me) were thinking of sweeping the floor and washing the dishes more than anything else. My dreams were not about visiting some lovely beach or going for a long trek in Kulu-Manali, but about maid servants, waving their magic wands (or whatever it is that they do) and making my house nice and clean. Alas..it was not to be. Maids came and maids went. Some of them were a tad too healthy to fit into our small home, some had set their sights high and were demanding astronomical sums. Then came a day when at last the good Lord heard my prayers and sent along a lady. She seemed to fit the bill perfectly and trust me, I had to stop myself from giving her a hug!!! [It could also have been the stunned look on her face after seeing my maniacally happy grin, that stopped me].
This is where my dreams ended and the nightmares began. She did as she pleased, completely terrorised me into submitting to her whims, never came on time and took unscheduled leaves (now I know how my manager feels).
The morrow, there was a knock on the door and in came another lady, who agreed to work for us and she is certainly doing a very good job.
Then entered Lady.NO.1 and ordered me to send Lady.No.2 out!!!
Ahh..then started the battle royale!!! 1 and 2 exchanged the choicest insults. 2 was threatened by 1 that if she dared to work in my house, she would have to face dire consequences. 2 in turn threatened right back saying that her brother- in- law was an auto driver and had some special skills that she doesnt want to mention.
I mean, wouldnt it give you an ego boost…being fought over, like this!!!!
Honestly more than the ego boost I was scared of losing the one good maid  that I had got and the thought of doing dishes after a days work at office wasnt very enthralling either.
But the brave lady.NO.2 still comes in regulary and we both have a good time over ‘chai’ exchanging gossip and bitching about lady.No.1!!!!
All I can say is.."Alls well that ends well"!