Hia people….Dont get misled by the title. There certainly are a lot of nice things going on in my life. Its just that this one sticks like a thorn and I had to write about it to take the sting out.
To cut a long story short…I do not drink tea or coffee and neither knew how to prepare either. Then there is this abrupt twist in the story……..I got married. Lo-behold I was expected to make tea and coffee like an expert!!!!
I still dont know how to make coffee but like to think that I have become quite an expert in making tea and my husband does ask for two or three cups of it whenever I make tea. So with all this new found confidence, I set out to make tea for my husband’s aunt and cousin who had come over.
I also had recently bought this lovely tea pot and cups which I wanted to show off. So off I am busily preparing tea…even put in ground ginger from Ooty as a special touch. Everyone is all appreciation about the tea. My dear husband asks for a second cup and then he asks for the third!!! Feeling all proud inside , I pour him whatever is remaining in the tea pot. Hahhh…thats when the tragedy struck….there is a small cute lil baby cockroach in the penultimate cup!!!! and my very tactful husband shouts it out to everyone(…grrrrrr…the ungrateful fella.)
I tried covering up saying it must have fallen into the cup and wasnt in the tea. But I dont really think the guests believed much of it …if the sudden blanching of their faces was anything to go by
I had forgotten to rinse the new teapot…and was duly punished for my sins… and that my friends is how my cup of woes flowed over.