Now that my tummy is advertising the fact that I am a ‘mom-to-be’ soon, want to write about it. Writing about such stuff in a personal diary doesn’t give you the same satisfaction that putting it in a public forum does…does it now??!! Want to yell out to everyone that I am doing the most important job of my life and feel on top of the world about the way it is turning out !


The first four months passed in a blur of hunger and nausea ….yeah all the gals out there planning for a baby…don’t get misled by the term ‘Morning Sickness’…it just does not happen in the morning but will happen throughout the day… anytime your luck runs out! I have heard and seen a few lucky souls who claim to have been unaffected by this malady but I wasn’t one of them. [They do say that puking several times a day is a sign that your body is producing all the right hormones…I am sure I could have done with a lil bit lesser ]


I work a full time job and also cook and do (very minimal) cleaning  at home. so trust me it wasn’t a joy ride the first few months as it is supposed to be. The Bangalore traffic jams didn’t make things easier for me as well.


Now that I have scared you enough about pregnancy…lemme come to the nicer parts….The first time you hear your baby’s heart beat..That’s when reality dawns on you.

There really is a small lil being growing inside you, totally dependent on you for everything. The feeling of protectiveness and warmth that engulfs one is impossible to explain. There you are, ready to do anything to keep that tiny heart beating. Already in love as never before with someone you haven’t seen, met or known…Gosh, it’s a heady feeling!! I remember coming out of the hospital giggling uncontrollably and then breaking down in tears on my hubby’s shoulder.


The second trimester is a joy ride compared to the first. I have had very minor complaints like back pain, leg and ankle swelling occasionally. All this is normal and to be expected. I have also never enjoyed my food the way I have in this period. I haven’t had the famous craving that pregnant women are supposed to have till date. Haven’t denied myself anything that I felt like eating though…


Had a lot of healthy stuff…tried to totally cut out junk and felt and looked so much better. I do not know if there is a logical reason for this but there is a huge feeling of well being deep inside you…as if there has been a lamp lit inside and you glow with it.


You also start feeling the occasional turns and twists of the baby which gradually progress into kicks. I have loved and welcomed the baby’s movements each and every time. It’s hugely reassuring to know that your baby is moving and everything is well and fine with the lil one.


You also have the midnight hunger pangs..Sudden mood swings and bouts of crying.. yeah all that is true and does happen.


Now that I am almost on the threshold of the ‘home run’ —the third and last trimester there is a lot of hope, a bit of trepidation and so much excitement.


Motherhood…here I come!!!