I finally found the time to write…what with me being as lazy as I am, its definitely a tough ordeal. Yeah and my weight losing mission continues as always.
There I am deviating from what I wanted to write.
Me and Polly are sorta dieting buddies at office. We both try and eat the healthiest stuff available around. (Sometimes it could be the BASKIN ROBINS icecream…).
Polly has let us say ‘very different’ ideas on dieting and I tend to buy into them most of the times. Did you know that the lowest fat dessert was an ice-cream??!!!
Well..I didnt till Polly told me ;).
We both decided to hit the Pizza hut after a week long of ‘dieting’. I am sure all of us have seen the tempting commercials/hoardings of the ‘cheesy bites’ Pizza.
Just roll and pop…I was salivating by the time I entered Pizza hut. we ordered personal pans of cheesy bites and tomato soup.
The tomato soup was sour and cold. I should have guessed then that the food wasnt going to be that great but then came the pizza.
To say the least it was a damp squib. The rolls taste like unbaked dough and the cheese wasn’t melted either. We somehow managed to eat it…Polly convinced me that dieting was all in the head most of the time and you wouldnt gain weight if you didnt feel guilty about eating !!! (interesting theory that!!)But then Polly being Polly, had to tip the waiter 100 bucks and I was fuming by the time we finished paying our bills which came to a whopping grand.
We come out and it was starting to rain. We were in a real sombre mood with all the bad food. It was then that Polly saw a peanut vendor (kadalekai maruvavanu). His assistant held an umbrella over our heads as he packed 5 rupee packet each for us. (Now thats what I call customer service). We strolled through the lovely drizzle munching on warm peanuts.
Do I need to mention ..this was the best part of our evening. at the end Polly got very philosophical and narrated the story of a mouse who turns into a beautiful girl but finally ends up marrying a mouse…Probably even he was feeling that we should have stuck to eating peanuts in the first place.
But I have a grouse with Polly to settle…he never tipped the peanut vendor nor his assistant….