No ..its not that…its nothing as exciting or gossippy(is that even a word?!) as the title sounds…nope.
Its this book by Rhonda Byrne which one of my friends coaxed me into buying a couple of years ago. I have picked it up many a times but never have been able to go more than a few pages forward.
But here is the deal…The book says that it is going to tell you the universal truth, the secret ,which if you knew…could change your life!! From the few pages that I have read..this is what I could muster…
There is a law of attraction. You attract the sort of people/events/things that you think you want.
Say, if you keep thinking that you want to be rich you would eventually end up with a lot of money.
The glitch here is that this ‘law of attraction’ doesnt understand the word NO. So if you keep thinking ‘I dont want to be late to office’…the law translates it to ‘I want to be late to office’. so you should keep thinking ‘I want to be early to office’… that might just do the trick!!
So for the past couple of days I have been putting this theory to test…Today morning I was alone in the house with the baby and his baby carrier was lying around.I passed it many times thinking that I should pick it up lest I trip and fall , but never got around it. The next time I passed near it…yeah… I fell. Hurt my knee pretty bad :(.
The point is, this actually spooked me out…it is making me extra careful about thinking only positive thoughts and sort of wording my thoughts right (as silly as that sounds). I have been obsessing about this since morning.
Bur I can think clearly now…the blog is written. 😀
Guess it is time to put the book back on the shelf…where it belongs!!
P.S:To all my friends who know Adi..(the weird haired ,small eyed creature), he was the one who recommended this book to me…if that says anything 😛