This is going to be a post wallowing in self pity…there.. I have given you the necessary warning and if you still want to continue you do so at your own peril.

Romance was a great part in all my girlhood dreams and imaginations. The stuff that my suitors would do for winning my affections in my dreams would have put Rajnikanth in Endhiran with all his robotic powers to shame.

But even in my dreams and imaginations there would always be a slip-up, the hero would just have to skid and fall down before anything interesting could happen. Reality as always takes off on a tangent to your dreams. This has been more so in my case and the only saving grace has been the dregs of a sense of humour which lets me laugh at my own follies and own up to them.

Of late I am enjoying the Anne of Green gables series and that somehow puts in my mind of eating strawberries and ice-cream. The same delectable joy found in creaminess of cream and the explosive freshness of strawberries can be found in these books. I find myself imagining that I am the heroine Anne..but somehow my nose pulls me back into reality.(People who have read the books can appreciate this fact…you see …Anne has the shapliest of noses!!)

The other day I was reading a line which said romance is when you find an old dried up rose cleaved in between the leaves of an old book..the afore said rose is supposed to send you into raptures of nostalgia and bring back old and fond memories. Oh but then we can’t forget that it is me whom we are speaking about..can we??!!

I was reading a book over dinner in office and out falls a dried rose..right into the delicious dal tadka. I raked my memory but couldn’t really place the rose or its giver 😦

The day once again was saved by my friend who called to ask if I wanted to have ice-creams (that too in corner house). That is where we went and I had fresh strawberries and cream.

All these things happened so quickly in succession that I will never be able to think of a dried rose without thinking of dal tadka and chapathis and strawberries and cream and that sorta takes the romance out of the whole thing.

Or does it???!!!