I had the loftiest ideals concerning motherhood. For one..I would never-ever-ever let my son watch any TV as long as I possibly could………….

 Then I had the baby.

Many a times I have turned up my nose against moms who let their kids watch TV and thought that I wouldn’t ever do that to my kid. But that was before I had any idea of how draining taking care of a child can be.

My son is underweight. the doctor advises us to up his calorie intake. They advise us to give him desserts after meal. I am sure those doctors don’t have kids of their own. How do I feed him desserts when he doesn’t open his mouth for the main meal itself. They tell me no kid can refuse ice-cream. ‘They’ obviously have never met my son. The minute he is full, his mouth remains shut.

with the recent bout of viral fever, his appetite decreased so badly and he grew so thin that I resorted to desperate measures.

It is with great distress that I admit, that I let him watch several hours of  Tom and Jerry and fed him food while he was at it. This way he would sit at a place, gaze into the telly and just swallow whatever I put in his mouth (Not that he wouldn’t watch it before–but it was limited to a few minutes). Now he has started associating food with the telly.

I had to wrestle back some semblance of control over his TV viewing and disassociate food and TV. So today I let him watch a couple of recorded episodes of Tom and Jerry, switched off the show and then fed him his breakfast. We played together while eating. He was aware of what was going in his mouth. I can see and feel the difference.

It is so easy to succumb and is so convenient as well. The strain of caring for a sick child, the sleepless nights…make you feel like you have earned an hour of quiet. But trust me you all..hang in there and protect your child from the ill effects of the evil telly.

Cos it is bad for your kids..I have had my son pee on himself and not realise. He was so engrossed in the show. I have heard him speak in his sleep of only Tom and Jerry.

And also consider the time wasted where both of you sit in front of the idiot box. Think of how much learning time has been wasted. When you have just around four hours in a day with your baby(all you working moms..), think of the bonding time lost. Think of the fun you could have had and the physical activity you would have got had you not switched on the TV.

I am doing my best to undo what I have done….

Tom and Jerry…I will beat you yet!!


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