Naa..dont worry.  I really can’t type that many stories.

It is my cab number. The one I usually come back by every night. The cab and the driver are slightly off the normal curve. The driver is a black toothed long-haired fellow who can usually give me the jitters when he smiles. (Otherwise he is actually all right). This cab ,unlike the others we are given at night, is in good condition and to boot has a small TV attached on the ceiling. (I dunno what this thingy is really called.)

Every night without fail the driver plays a Telugu movie for us. It is usually a movie which he has already been watching for sometime while waiting for us. So we get to watch it from where he stopped….which I have to say is very conducive for imagination. You gotta imagine how the story started and the characters shaped up. (I can make up such wonderful stories.. and that’s part of the fun.) By the time we reach our homes..we get to watch around an hour of  the movie. The ending is again..all yours.

I have seen such fascinating stories unravel.

In one of the movies there is this stunt master and a girl studying medicine who are married and staying together, albeit in different rooms (You know what I mean :P). How they landed up that way…is all left to you.

My take on the how and why..

The girl probably has a rich corrupt father. She being the idealist, leaves home once she finds out about his shady dealings. The damsel in distress is later saved and taken care of by the dashing stunt master.

And then unable to bear the taunts and questions thrown at them by the society, they decide to get married but you know not really married, just for the sake of honour.

Now the ending is really simple. They have to fall in love unbeknownst to themselves. Throw in a couple of villains (preferably the rich dad who turns a new leaf in the last scene…our directors and story writers are always practical. They know a young couple can’t really survive without the moolah :P) and a few hiccups here n there…and voila we have the movie all done and all loose ends neatly tied up.

There was this other movie where it’s all about sister and brother love…the rakhi sales must have got quite a boost after this one. The sister-in-law (wife of the brother) is oh-so-evil and manages to ruin the good sister and prevents her husband from helping his chelli.(she tries to seduce him whenever he tries to help his sister…nice tactic…huh??!!) I can actually let my imagination run wild on this one.

So everyday I watch a movie (Telugu movie at that) and go to sleep making up the endings…its so much fun 😛

Would you have chosen any other beginning or ending? Tell me.. we could probably write a script for a new movie together!! 😀