We won.. we actually won and we are in the finals. Phew cant think about anything but the glorious, fabulous,fantastic and bombastic match yesterday. What an atmosphere and what a win. The atmosphere after the win reminded me of Diwali.

I watched the match at my office with approximately 500 colleagues. Nothing, mind you, nothing unites India the way cricket does. And if it is THE clash, a match between arch rivals Pakistan and India…ahhh its an absolute treat .

It was a truly hair-raising experience when the entire group sang the national anthem. I felt I belonged. I was truly an Indian. Then Sehwag came in and started bashing the hapless Pakistani bowlers and there was not a trace of doubt left in my mind that India would win the match.

One of the guys in the office had arranged for a separate modem and data card so we could watch live TV even while we pretended to work :P.

We all had our own superstitions. A wicket would fall when I opened the cricinfo site (no , truly the wickets did fall). So my colleagues wouldn’t let me open the cricinfo site during India’s batting and then during the Pakistan batting they would now and then ask me to open the site and boom..a wicket would fall!!

And then we won…aah the elation..the victory cries and the war hoops…I went home in my cab and absolute strangers would stop our car and congratulate us. (Some of them were very drunk and demanded that we get down and shout Bharat Mata Ki Jai..which did get a tad scary at one point).

But what a day, what  a day….Jeetega bhai jeetega.. India cup jeetega 😀

Some pics from the day..