My son has a zillion questions as he begins to explore the world around in finer detail. His favourite word now is ‘Why??’ (any guesses on my least favourite??).

His questions usually pop up when the situation has a high potential for embarrassment…

Amma why does nana have a mush and you don’t? amma why does person ‘X’ have hair in the armpit? amma why can’t you remove your bone and keep it is poking me.. and the list is endless.

I am usually able to muster the necessary patience to answer them. But a few days ago he surpassed himself.

We took him to a farm-house. I was excited by the abundance of greenery there and saw that this was an opportunity to pass on knowledge and create long-lasting memories (the sort that he would quote when he became very famous…something like…my mom introduced me to the beauty and bounty of nature. I owe my success to that lesson long back in the farmhouse… 😛 ).

So I took him around and showed him where the papayas and the chikus that he loves so much actually grow. He even got to see mangoes, coconuts and banana plantations.

I was just preening my (very proud) mommy feathers when out popped the question…and I quote..

“Amma, which tree does Maggi grow on??” …Maggi?? really, I mean Maggi???..I was stumped.

I managed to gather my wits and told him how chapathi dough is made into Maggi…

Yesterday night when we had managed to snuggle down for the night, he asked me what had happened to my hand.

I told him I had burnt it while handling a  hot pressure cooker..he thought for some time and told me that he would buy me a cold pressure cooker so that I would never burn my hand again…!!:D

Maybe..just maybe ‘WHY’ is not such a difficult , exasperating word after all. 🙂