You can all wipe that surprised look off your faces. I am speaking cars..yes!!

I have never been the girl who is interested in automobiles. I am not someone who can rant off features and specifications of cars and bikes. (The facts just refuse to stick in my head…). Although I am able to appreciate a ride on a Hiabusa or a Bullet, I am no biker chick(Did I make at least  a few of you go green with envy??). Cars are more of a convenience that my father /husband have driven me around in.

Now that I have a kid and can’t really take off in an auto when the mood strikes me and have to cajole (read beg, grovel) one or the other male to drop me at various places, I decided to take matters into my own hands and buy a car.

I had a very methodical approach to the entire thing…

1)Ogle at every car on the road. Find out the make and model.

2)Google for price and specifications.


I fell in love with Chevrolet spark for the cute tail lights, thought the A-star a bit too masculine, found the nano adorable, loved the shape of I10…you see I am not best known for my practical, level-headed approach towards stuff 😛

Then I kept bugging friends and husband on the matter. (They couldn’t keep up with my daily changing choices and gave up on me eventually..slow coaches these :P)

Finally one of  my biker chick friends directed me to a biker hunk (who is level-headed and sensible…how he ended up in the company of me and my friend will always stay a mystery).

He advised me to go for an Alto k10/ Nano which were my best bets in the budget I had planned for.

My heart yearns for the cute little nano..but then I have heard a couple of negative reviews about it like the noise it makes and the level of service provided. Alto K10 has got rave reviews and seems best suited to my needs.

While we are speaking on cars, there is a conversation between my son and husband that I have to sneak in here –

Rishi: Nana I like your car a looooooot (The car in question is a Opel Corsa) …but I like tata’s car better (A maruti 800)

Husband: Why??

Rishi: Your car doesn’t have an engine time buy a car with an engine.

Husband and me: huh??!!!

Rishi: Your car doesn’t make any sound nana… (also gives a small demo of what he would prefer…”juinnnnnnnnnn…drrrrrrrrr”)

Maybe I will end up buying a Nano to satisfy my son’s need for sound 😀 or maybe my sonny boy would like this a lot better 😉

 It sure does have an engine…no doubts about that ! 😀