I am a working mom (The term itself seems so derogatory, as if working makes me any lesser of a mom. I am a mother and I work.).

I love my child as much, care as much for his welfare and I AM A MOM.

Since the day I decided to get back to work after delivery, I have faced various comments like..”I don’t think you are capable of handling both work and home” (why should I?? I certainly need help in managing both!), “I don’t think she will carry on for long like this”, “kids of stay at home moms have higher confidence and are happier” (no idea where they come up with this)…

My kid is happy, well-adjusted and very bright (this could be my mommy pride speaking). I see that there are many more people in his life with whom he is highly comfortable..my husband, my MIL, my mom, sister, father.. he has wonderful relations with all of them and his emotional experiences are richer for this very reason.We both share a very close bond as well.

I refuse to succumb to the guilt that I am supposed to feel for being a working mom.

I refuse to layer on guilt for not feeling guilty!!

Let us define what guilt is to get a bit more clarity on this subject.

Guilt is what you feel when you have done something wrong that hurts another. Why then should I feel any sense of guilt at all???

Am I supposed to feel guilt for not being self-sacrificing ? or that I insist on continuing with my life and carving an identity for myself? (No offense to stay at home moms..its a different choice and comes with its own share of trials and tribulations and GUILT!!)

Motherhood was a choice I made. I might not be able to read as many books as before or go out without a care like my twenty year old self. But these were informed choices that I have made. Would I trade my son for per say more books /more outings? definitely not!

“Sacrifice” doesn’t really make you feel good. It is when you give up something coveted for someone’s sake. I covet my son and like my job as well. I dont feel the need to choose between the two.

I am happy because my emotional,physical, financial and intellectual needs are met. I make for a happier and a more secure mom to my son.

As my baby grows, I grow as a mom, a human being and a woman.

Right now I am loving this roller coaster ride.. sans any guilt 😛