Excuse me for all the rubbish that is gonna come your way… I am bamboozled!

My sister-in-laws were home yesterday and we planned on watching the movie ‘Letters to Juliet’ after putting our kids to sleep. We missed the movie and sat talking and some more……

It started off with when would be the right time to introduce kids to concepts like reproduction and stuff. One opinion was as young as KG-one…which evoked such strong reactions that one of the kids woke up. When things had calmed down enough, my husband made us listen to this really interesting podcast on how we are designed to count logarithmically. Half way through the podcast, we were almost nodding off(Very interesting podcast though..catch it if you can. It was around 3 A.M by this time and that’s the reason we were such sleepy heads).

Then the topic turned to how we met our respective spouses and why we fell for them? Also came up Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. (we realised that all our marriages were split second decisions and we hadn’t really thought too much about taking the most important decision of our lives :P)

Did quite a bit of bashing on how men think changing diapers is beneath them (my husband aint one of them though) and how they think we should wax eloquent and thank them for the teeny-weeny bit they do at home. (I don’t like generalizing. All men aren’t that way and I am lucky that I am surrounded by and have grown up with men who share the burden…)

By around 4:00 AM we were in that weird zone where we were no longer feeling sleepy/tired/anything and we spoke of wine,sangria,tequila and irish cream…ummm..so want one myself now.

I gave up and dozed off by 4:30 AM. The other brave souls went on till forever and they claim to have never slept at all.

But this is how I look in office today

or this

Takeaways from this night outer

  • wonderful time
  • loads of female bonding and husband bashing (Thanks for braving the assault Raghu)
  • a nice drowsy feeling throughout the day.

My only complaint-NO IRISH CREAM. I want one! Is someone..umm..anyone listening??

(P.S:Bailey’s if you please.)