No, I have not lost my marbles.

My son is two and a half  years and four months now (by the end of this post, you might understand why I am touchy about his age).

This is about another milestone that I am trying to cross as a mom-I am trying my best to get my son to co-operate in the potty training process.

I have tried telling him stories while he sits on his potty seat (they are oh-so-cute with giraffes and cute little cartoons on them). He listens to the story and jumps down without doing the big  job at all.

The trouble is he can pee and poop at will but he somehow doesn’t seem to like going to the bathroom to do it. Any amount of coaxing/nagging (and I shamefully admit bribing) has not yielded any results 😦

Now lets move over to Ben 10’s role in Rishi’s potty training.

He got to watch Ben10 with his cousin sister once and has fallen in love with the character. He has a Ben10 watch and a sonic boy t-shirt that I have managed to pass off as Ben10. His meals are easier on both of us if I can make up heroic stories about Ben10.

So I had a brain wave…why not use Ben10 to potty train my son??!!

I started weaving stories on how Ben10 bashes up the villains and then comes back home and heads straight to the loo to wash up and you do the big job.

It did seem to have an effect for a day or two…today he was back to his old self refusing to pee in the bathroom.

I resorted to Ben10 again and told him that Ben10 always completed the big job before going out to smash his enemies. I asked my son to imagine what trials Ben10 would have had to undergo had he not emptied his bowels before a fight and the pressure became too much… my son gave this some thought and then with an impish grin said….Ben10 would have just pee-d on the enemies 😛 . He seemed to think that it was fitting punishment for the enemies-kettavaru(bad people)- as he calls them!!

Everyone around him burst into laughter.

I, though, am stuck with an imp who has a dark sense of humour and a truck load of diapers :X

Just on the spur, I did a search for Ben10 and diapers and look what I came up with..

And here is my very own Ben10 🙂 (check out the cool shades-he likes them green :P)

Any suggestions??