Sniff..sob..motherhood is all about ‘letting go’.

 Mom is the entire universe to an infant. His/her circle grows as they develop.

I have felt my heart clutch the first time he didn’t cry when I went to office or the time he willingly went to someone else’s arms.

 My son is growing up so quickly, to me, though it seems like he was born not so long ago..

Now the time has come for my son to have friends of his own. He will be going to school starting June, which is another milestone to be crossed.

Tomorrow is a momentous day for both of us. His lovely curly crop of hair will be shaved off. (I will miss burying my nose in the bouquet of those freshly washed curls..). Everyone around me is celebrating this occasion with a lot of pomp. I, however, feel like holding him back, hugging him close and not let the barber touch a hair on his head. This shaving of the head somehow signifies the end of his cute toddler-hood.

I know there are a lot more twists and turns, countless joys and hell-a-lota tantrums awaiting me in this journey of motherhood. But  I somehow want to stay in this phase for some more time, hold onto his baby-ness with all my might (is that so bad??). But I know I have to let go..let him grow.

I hope I can let go gracefully as a mother, never bind him or hold him back. I also pray that I will always be there when he needs me with a ready hug and a smile.

Fly free my little tweety bird. (with the safety belts on, of course :P)

I had read this somewhere- let the span of your wings not be limited by the depth of your roots..that would be my prayer for the little one!

Please wish him well and bless him and keep him in your thoughts as he crosses one more milestone.