There is a book sale by TOI in office today. I was just leafing through a book called ‘Religions of the world’ when one of my friends asked me whether I had heard about the ‘Towers of silence’. My interest in religions is to a large extent limited and my reply was of course in the negative.

He then went onto explain to me what these were and once I came back to my desk, I googled it as well.

Here is what I found –

A Tower of Silence or Dakhma  is a circular, raised structure used by Zoroastrians for exposure of the dead.

In Parsi Zoroastrian tradition, exposure of the dead is  considered to be an individual’s final act of charity, providing the birds with what would otherwise be destroyed.

This information spawned a lot of though processes.

One was about how this practice is becoming obsolete because of the expanding cities and ever-increasing population, the Dakhmas are no longer practical.

The next was how the reason for the near non-existence of this practice in India is the extinction of birds of prey, like vultures, due to diclofenac poisoning.

Strangely enough the next thought that hit me was organ donation. There are a lot of us , who due to various religious/personal reasons and fears shy away from cadaver organ donation and organ pledging.

If the ancient Zoroastrians were charitable enough to give up their dead for the birds of prey, couldn’t we, the so-called thinking , technologically advanced generation be able to give up our organs and tissues for donation after our deaths?

It might just help someone live a fuller life, see life in brighter colours!

Think about it…please do.

This is a link that I could google up –

(I havent tried pledging my organs till now but am sure going to find out how.)