I want to rant, break something or hit someone..I want to be able to do something about it. Something effective, something that will help. But all I feel is bloody fucking helpless about it.

Everyday as I travel towards my office, I have to stop at the silk board junction. I usually see a few women carrying babies and begging. They go from car to car knocking on the windows with dead pan expressions, showing empty filthy milk bottles and then pointing at the baby.

The baby lies very quiet. Actually too quiet for a baby. Anyone who has had a baby or been around one will know that for sure. has it been drugged? Has it been beaten up?

I lost it(Only the baby’s feet were peeking out from the swaddle and those tiny feet reminded me so much of my own baby…gosh..deep breath). I rolled down my window and asked whose baby it was? what had she done to it? No actually I was yelling at the top of my voice in all the languages I know.

The woman continued to have the same expression and went on begging and I was defeated, in tears and gave her the loose change in my car, rolled up my window, switched on the AC and the light turned green.

I hope that some of the money I gave, went into buying some food for her and the baby. I came to office, smiled, worked, posed for some pics at an award ceremony. But the picture of those tiny feet refuse to leave my mind’s eye.

I want to go back and yank the child off her, hold it close and safe. But all I can do is nothing.

They say every child matters, they say children are the future of this country, this world…really?? (and what is my contribution to it??-nothing, helplessness, a blog post…lot of question marks..a few tears?)