I am almost an aqua-holic and my son takes after me. He seems to love water as much as I do.

The other day he had a cold , but despite that I gave into his demand that he be put in the kiddie pool with his cousin. He enjoyed playing around in the shallow water where he was able to wade through.

Me and my husband were right at the edge of the pool, refusing to take our eyes off him. I don’t remember why we got distracted, but both of us looked in the other direction and within seconds my son had slipped and fallen into the water, unable to surface. It was my husband who spotted it and shouted out. I ran and pulled my son out of the water. My son was perfectly okay, had just drunk a bit of water and was not even as scared as I thought he would be.

Why I am writing this is that..I always thought drowning would be a noisy affair. I had assumed that the person who was drowning would have a chance to call out for help, kick around, etc. (Thanks to all the movies I have seen where the heroine keeps yelling till the hero rescues her.)

But no…drowning is quick and silent. A person drowning is unable to shout or call for help, or seek attention, as they cannot get enough air.


I just hope that this doesn’t put the fear of water in a boy who simply adores playing with it.

Also hope this gives some insight into the utmost caution that is necessary when you let children play in water bodies…be it even a bath tub.