My son’s teacher had put in a note in his bag saying there would be father’s day celebrations at school this saturday. And no, I am no father’s day/mother’s day celebrator.

But this got me thinking about dads and my daddy. I have loved him, adored him, been a real pain in the *ss during my teenage years.

But when I think of him, there is a sense of being blanketed in love that comes over me. A sense of security that is hard to describe.

He was the one who taught me everything that I know today, including driving a car very recently (he probably was the only one willing to risk his car :P).

He is the greatest teacher I have ever come across. I remember him teaching me to ride a bicycle. We would go to the outskirts of Chandra layout (not sure if many of us know where this is in Bangalore)..but it was a pretty isolated stretch with good roads (ironic..I know!). He would run behind the bicycle as I rode on and when he thought I was ready to go, he would slowly release his hand and the minute I wobbled, I knew that somehow his hand would be holding the cycle up, not letting me fall.

This has been his parenting style as far as I can remember.  He has mastered the art of saying good-bye without ever leaving you alone. I know I can count on him whenever I am in a tight spot (and my mom too–she is a gem.).

He has been the most sincere, committed and hard-working person I have ever known..not just in his professional life but in his personal life–to us sisters and my mother.

I know if I ever wobble in my life, his hands will be right behind, holding me up.

I want to thank you dad..for so many things.

For being my dad.

For being so generous with your time and love.

For teaching me to paint and sketch.

For teaching me how to write the alphabets beautifully.

For introducing me to my bestest of  friends– books!

For bearing my rebellious teenage self.

For encouraging a questioning spirit in me and never ever snubbing my ideas even though they didn’t align to your own.. (I am an atheist and my father a die-hard theist..just one of the many ways he nurtured and let me grow into ME).

For pushing me to push my boundaries.

For still being there when I need you.

On a lighter note, daddy,

I forgive you for trying to teach me classical music (we both should know by now that we are genetically handicapped when it comes to music.) 😛

We have faltered and learnt a lot as a father-daughter duo.

Today, I want to tell you that I love you and mom, and will always be there for you both and I am thankful that Rishi has such grandparents, who love him with the same (if not more) ferocity that they had for me.

Mom and dad - circa 1980 🙂

P.S: And some lucky people might want to disagree with me about whose dad is the best. Please feel free to write in the memories that you treasure.