My son is growing up in a dual language household, with my husband and MIL speaking telugu and me speaking kannada. He is very fluent in kannada, understands telugu to a large extent. But he hasn’t been exposed to English much at all.

Now that he is going to school, he picks new words almost everyday.

He randomly says “yes” and “no” to anything you say in english.

Today for some reason my husband said to him “Thanks for the information” and his instant reply was “ask for permission”!!

I am sure he has picked this up from his teachers and doest have any clue what it means . But I like the way his brain is wired. The way he can link similar terms like information and permission. even the fact that he recognises  they sound the same is amazing to me.

But today his teacher reported something that was hilarious..I have been laughing away every single time I remember it.(no wonder people in the signal were staring at me like that today!!).

Teacher: What is your name?

My son: (thinks for a couple of minutes..) My name is sheila…sheila ki jawaani..

( )

just as an eye-candy 😛

Yeah he actually broke out into this song!! His teacher who is as old as my mom was giggling when she told me this.

What can I say…my son just spreads laughter around (you could call him a regular joker too :P)..hope this makes a couple of you giggle and think about your child/children’s funny antics. Do share them.