I have always been a dreamer.( I have been caught in college by many an angry lecturer with a very vacant expression on my face :P) This post is dedicated to all the dreams that survived (and some that didn’t) the journey through life and that of motherhood..

I had dreams of becoming so many things..a noble doctor  and then a famous dancer and then I had wanted a huge brood of children to call my own. A small house with a white picket fence (so cliched..but still), a dog and a huge garden and a wonderful husband.

Then I also wanted to be a successful career woman, jet setting from place to place, sitting in my very own plush cabin with a rotating chair (the ones with wheels).

And I kept dreaming as life passed me by, and some of the dreams were discarded, some of them lost their sheen, some came true and still I keep dreaming new ones now and then 🙂

The doctor thingy, still pinches me somewhere..as it was a dream that might have come true if not for my rebellious, wanting-to-fit-in teenage self.

My dream of becoming a famous dancer ended with a bit of bharatnatyam, salsa, jazz and a mix of rock n roll. The job didn’t really give me enough time to pursue it. But till date I love to shake a leg and bob my head to some catchy tune.

The dancer 😛

I live in a big enough house with a small patch of garden and no dogs. But I have the most wonderful son(with the exception of your own kid of course 😉 ) and actually no time for gardening.

My sonny

As for the wonderful husband part..I have found things that I hadn’t dreamt of and let go of a few naïve dreams of mine and still hold dear a few more in the hopes that they might come true 😛

Marriage-A work in progress 😛

Being a mom has been the most exceptional experience of my life. it has made me stronger, more patient, my tolerance and endurance levels have shot up and it has made me a bit more selfless (at least I like to think so).

I haven’t exactly been the jet setting career woman of my dreams but I have a job that satisfies me at a financial level and is intellectually stimulating.

Am I the same old girl who had once dreamt up all this? Does my life measure up to my fantasies?

I identify with the girl that I was in high school more than the teenager who was lost and aimless. My life is in some ways much fuller than what my fantasies would let it be. It is certainly more challenging and some times boring as well.

Yes, I am the same girl I guess, with the same tendencies and habits, but tempered by the experiences of life, motherhood and marriage.

What do you think? Tell me how the experiences in life affected you.