Ok, so I hithered and thithered, wondering whether I should write about this or write a blog at all. But then I thought what the hell..this is my space and an automatic update goes to FB which people are free to ignore. So, yes, you are going to hear another rant from me 😛

I have a lot of single friends and a few married ones (who don’t have kids).

These people have always been a huge part of my life. I spent a saturday with a very dear friend of mine. She is great fun to be with but then the day didn’t turn out very well with me down with a bad stomach ache and having to manage my son as well. She very sweetly and gallantly put up with my miserable self.

But then I realised that I am different now and the demands on my time are very different as well. How do we make this work? can we make this work? Maybe we can try…

So here are some tips for single/married people without kids who want to still be friends with moms and vice-versa.

  • Dont be mad if we don’t lift your phone calls/ return them with any regularity. We might be in the middle of  some difficult situation like a diaper malfunction on the carpet or just-now eaten food on the bed or just plain catching up on some sleep.
  • Our general knowledge is pretty rusty. Dont expect us to make very interesting conversations..we moms would consider ourselves lucky if we get to read the morning’s newspapers within the same day. (sometimes I keep reading yesterday’s newspaper and not realising it. We don’t watch much TV as well unless you count endless re-runs of telly-tubbies !!)
  • We havent seen the latest blockbuster or visited the latest restaurant on the  block. (But we love to hear all about these from you.)
  • We don’t wear the trendiest clothes around..we actually have no clue what the trend is.
  • We Love speaking about our kids.(sometimes that is the only thing we will ever speak about). But just remember that before marriage/becoming a mom we always used to speak about the loves of our lives, the crushes and so on endlessly..its the same..almost 😛
  • But we love you and want you in our lives. So please keep at it 🙂

And now for the moms:

  • Dont freak out your friends speaking about your kids poop stories/episiotomy/any other gross stuff that becomes such a part and parcel of our lives. (I have been guilty of this several times.). You can always recount the funny and the hilarious incidents– there is no dearth of those with a kid around.
  • Please be receptive to their trials and know that though they are not moms, they could be equally tired/spent out.
  • Try and make some time for them (without the kid in tow if possible–good for both of you).
  • Return their phone calls (try to at least).
  • Dont feel guilty about leaving your kid with a sitter/grandparents/husband for a couple of hours so that you can have some fun time with your friend. You will be a better and more involved mom because of that.
  • Hang in there. It is going to get better for you as the kid grows up and becomes more independent (I can vouch for that 🙂 ).

    One of the many friends who always puts up with me 🙂

There…thats it.

Love and peace,