Had such an interesting day yesterday. We watched ‘Delhi Belly’. I wouldn’t go so far as to say its a must watch, but its a comedy ..a very shitty(please take the literal meaning) comedy. It is something that will make you laugh and crinkle your nose at the same time.

Had my fix of hot chocolate as well.Ahh.. yes, the theatre security took my half a bar of good bournville dark chocolate and never gave it back 😦 (OK , I forgot to take it back…but still!) but otherwise the day turned out really well.

Spent a good part of the day with my son. This is where the magic begins. I guess you just have to look at a two-year old to believe in magic and share that wonderment.

Since my little monkey was a little more restless than usual, I thought I could get him to sit down in a place with some paint and brush. I couldn’t find his paint brush and had to make do with a toothbrush.

This is what we did and he felt that this was magic…read on.

All you need are an old toothbrush, some water colours and a few sheets of paper and some leaves and flowers from your garden. I am sure most of us would have done this as kids, but it was good to walk down that memory lane with my son and dabble with colours again.


Just rub the brush over a colour of your choice.

Place the flowers and leaves any way you want on a sheet of paper and gently scrape the brush with your thumb. this will spray colour over the page and leave the covered part white. Use a combination of different and preferably bright colours.


Remove the leaves and flowers after you are done and you will end up with something like the one below. Its pretty enough for my son to call it magic!! 😀

And then he got really adventurous and used his hands, legs and the toothbrush ..and I let him do what he wants. (The grin was worth it)

And this is one of his abstract creations.

 There is some mess that will need to be cleared up, but maybe you could just spread out old newspapers to avoid it.

Have fun with your kid and do let me know of any ideas that you use to keep your kiddo entertained during rainy evening or evenings when you are just plain lazy to go out and play ball 😛

Happy weekend all of you.