I have dealt with the issue the only way I could and it is frustrating me more that there was only one way to deal with it.

I sometimes blame myself, sometimes others. So I had to put pen to paper or in my case fingers to the key board.

I had enrolled my son into a playschool around 4 kms from home. Everything was hunky dory and he had even started settling down and not crying for me. there were a couple of days after the first week when he demanded to go to school.

After the settling period he was moved into the second batch, the one that I had requested to suit my work hours so that I could still get some time to spend with my son.

He is a very talkative and expressive child. I was surprised when he didn’t come back to me with reports of what he had done in school. He would say that there is nothing that he is doing at school. When I asked him whether he played, he just replied- NO!!. That was really strange, cos this is not the kid I know.( He can’t sit still in a place).

He started refusing to go to school.

My mommy radar was now beeping continuously (I am not too sure if RADARs beep.. 😉 ). I went and enquired with the teacher as to how my son was doing. she said he is fine. When I asked about his interaction with other kids in the class, she told me that there are only a couple of kids in the batch and they are awaiting the other kids who were enrolled in his batch to come in after their settling period was over. (I had enquired beforehand and the management had informed me that there were at least 5 kids in the second batch.)

I then asked his class teacher about his activities for the two and a half hours that he stays with her. she told me that she is not allowed to divulge the details. I found that very strange and when I insisted, she gave me some details like 30 minutes of free play , 20 minutes of worksheet..blah blah.

Initially the supervisor/principal had casually asked me if I would like Rishi to move into the first batch. I had replied in the negative explaining to her about my job timings and my need to spend time with my son.She never broached the topic again.

On friday, my son was crying badly and refusing to go to his teacher. The day before he had complained to me that people hit him at the school. (I had attributed it to him wanting to skip school and still am not too sure about the matter).

The teacher finally told me that there were no other kids in his batch except him and another kid in the daycare facility. She told me that he was getting bored (of course he would!).

I was shocked! She asked me to move him to the morning for a few months at least. This meant to me that I would not be able to see my son throughout the day, let alone spend any time with him.

Went back, had a discussion with my husband. We decided to move to a different school if necessary. But first we decided to put forward our concerns to the school management.

The principal told me that , he is bored and dull, but she would not pressurize me to move him to the first batch.(As if telling a mother that her son is dull in class and bored is not pressure enough.) She also very clearly let us know that there would be no refund of the fees that we had paid. (we had paid for 6 months and it amounted to a big sum.).

Maybe legally, she is bang on. We have signed on the dotted line that the fee is non-refundable. But I was given the impression that there would be at least 5-6 kids in the batch I had chosen. I had enrolled my son on this faith.

Now we have moved my son to a new school. We have lost the amount we paid initially. It would be untrue if I said I don’t mind losing the money so much, because I do. It hurts at some level. But I am glad that my son is in a school which will provide him with the much-needed interaction with other kids of his own age.Perhaps it’s not big enough or fancy enough, but we have what we need the most.

I don’t know what I feel about all this..whether it is anger at their mishandling of my child or frustration..or just plain relief that I got to know about it as early as I did before my child slipped into some sort of depression. But this whole ‘business’ of education, does tend to leave a bitter aftertaste.


 It is a lesson well learnt and I sincerely hope that it helps soemone who comes across this blog.