There have been very few ‘wow’ moments in my life. Things that have left me awestruck, speechless and wanting for more. One that I distinctly remember is my first view of the Taj Mahal. Trust me, no photo can do it justice.

The second was the birth of my son 🙂 .

The other one that definitely left me wanting for more was ‘Harry Potter’. He is bidding his final adieu come this July 14th.

I had casually strolled into the neighbourhood library and enquired about any good books. (I was sick of the M & B stuff I had been reading for a few days). The librarian suggested a book called Harry Potter. (This was the time when I was mostly internet illiterate.). I took it home and stopped reading it only at four in the morning. The next evening I couldn’t wait to come back from college to re-read it. It opened up a new world to me, a world of witches and wizards, of magic and mystery and I was hooked to say the least.

Over the years, over every new release of a HP book, I remember innumerable trips to the library to make sure I was the first one who grabbed the book as soon as it entered the library from the stores. Around the release of  ‘Harry potter and the goblet of fire’, I think , I was in the US and a friend of mine had a hard bound copy ready for me. It was the best gift ever. I have revered it and re-read it countless times.

When I just about thought I was through with the books, the movie extravaganza started. I have managed to catch every HP movie (sadly not the first day first show though..).

The movies have got darker as HP grew up.

I have enjoyed the darker versions more and don’t really think that the first couple of movies did any justice to the books.

We have fallen in love with the characters-Hermione (played by the beautiful Emma Watson), Severus Snape, Dumbledore (I think one of my favourites), Sirius Black, mad-eye Moody, Professor Lupin, Tongs… phew the list will go on.

That I felt disturbed on reading that Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter in the movies, had been an alcoholic, shows how much I relate to the characters and how invovled I have been in this series.

I love the way J.K. Rowling can play with words. The way she brings to life the spells and the various magical instruments.

A pensieve

My favourite is the ‘Pensieve’– a bowlful of thoughts!! what better term could you coin??

Or what about owl posts. Dont you wish you had your own Hedwig or got owl posts??

The faithful Hedwig.


Luna Lovegood

The way she deals with tolerance and acceptance of the not-so-normal through the characters of Luna (the eccentric)and Neville (the dunce, the almost squib)is exemplary.



How could we ever forget Dobby, the spirited house-elf. He was brave, loyal and powerful in his own right. That he met a tragic end, just adds onto the character’s pull.





I have to pay homage to the dashing Sirius, Harry’s God-father. He was so impulsive, without a care but loved

Sirius Black - the black sheep in a family of Voldemort supporters

Harry truly. He was the family Harry lost all over again.




Bella- the mad, seductive murderess

When I speak about Sirius, I automatically move to his evil cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange who caused his death, who also has a lover like affection for Voldemort.





I have to include Dumbledore, the wise, humorous Head Master of Hogwarts and Hagrid, the game keeper, confidante and protector. They make Harry who he eventually turns out to be. The character of Dumbledore becomes more human and vulnerable as the series progress.





Also the three inseparable and loyal friends-Harry, Hermione and Ron who grow along with the stories and hold everything together.

Oh and by the way how can we ever forget Harry’s nemesis Voldemort ‘One cannot survive while the other lives’. but I think there would be no Harry without Voldemort.




And the ugly, oily haired, potions master – Severus Snape who seems to loathe Harry, who finally gives up his life for the offspring of his one true-love … Lily, Harry’s mother.





This July 14th the last of the HP movies is releasing. It might be ‘finite incantamem’ for HP books and movies (a spell used to end the effect of all other magical spells and charms).. but nothing could ever lift the spell Harry Potter has cast over innumerable readers.

Go back, read the Deathly Hallows again and treat yourself to the movie as well. Celebrate a decade with HP with a bucket of popcorn and other HP fans.

Signing off,

An ardent Harry Potter fan. 🙂 (who is sadly a muggle 😉 )