My head is abuzz with  a few ideas today. I am going to throw this one at you guys/gals. Its been doing the rounds in my cranium for quite some time.

Okay, a lot of you write blogs, or would like to or maybe don’t want to. Even if you do write a blog, there would be things that you wouldn’t/couldn’t write there for fear of hurting/upsetting your near or dear ones or for other reasons.

I sure have some that I can’t /won’t blog about.

Whatever you can’t publish there (in your blog), you can publish it here,

either anonymously/pseudonymously /with a link back to your blog..whichever way you want to.

Here are some facts that we might need to set up. Please let me know if you think otherwise.

1) The posts are going to remain anonymous.

2)there is a chance that people might recognise themselves or you in the sketches- this is definitely a risk since this blog is open on the internet.

If you want to share something/vent your frustration/confess or just plain write something that you are not comfortable blogging about, then this is the place. This is the forum.

Anamika, as the name suggests, are your stories without a name – ‘nameless’.

These are going to appear as ‘Anamika – Title of the post’.

If you like the idea send in your stories and if you don’t , please,please put in your comment and let me know your reasons.

Writing can be fun, profound, enlightening and therapeutic.

 This is your space for whatever you want to talk about.

Come, be my guest on this blog 🙂 

Please mail your entries to this email address –