‘Busy’itis is something that affects you as soon as you put your first step into motherhood or for that matter pregnancy and twenty-four hours doesn’t seem enough. It’s the same for working moms as well as stay at home moms.

I have been reading this book called ‘Life lessons for busy moms’ – from the same people who published ‘chicken soup’ series.

There were a lot of takeaways from this book for me.

One thing that hit me was the idea of work -life- balance (WLB from now on) that is drilled into our heads and the havoc it can play with our psyches.

Once we become moms, it seems like our entire life is examined by all and sundry (including yourself..and I am sometimes my worst critic) under a powerful microscope.

You have to be the perfect mom (this is more of a pressure we put on ourselves). Do everything right by your child. Hug him every time he falls, respond to every cry or laugh and make sure others do the same as well :P.

The other stress is about spending quality time with the husband , be a good home-maker , win the employee of the year award at work and oh!! we are supposed to spend some ME time in this mele. All in a day’s work..eh??

If you don’t do all this then you are doomed for life or you are not leading  a full life!

One of these millions of studies that get published every now and then has revealed that Indian women are the most stressed out. Yeah, yep..we are. We are caught in a place where we are expected to carry on the traditional role of a women but the lure of the outside world is strong as well.

Is there a way out?? I would say..yeah!

Maybe we could screw do away with work life balance and insert some flexibility into our lives. Just relax and go with the flow.

One day there is ME time, you know, the husband is out, baby is sleeping and you have had a goodnight’s sleep…you do what you want to.

Somedays when the baby is sick , it’s just being a mother 24/7 and this is OK too.

 (That too in India where a sick child is considered solely a mother’s responsibility, doesn’t matter whether you are working/sick yourself…you have to do your share of work and it doesn’t matter whether you are running out of leaves at work 😦 it’s a change in the thought process that is needed and I dont see it happening anytime soon! )

Somedays, there is a grandparent willing to take care of the kid and then its time as a couple.

Somedays are more than others and if you need help, ask for it..wont make you lesser of a wife/mother/woman!

Maybe we should just learn to go through the bends and curves of life a little more gracefully and not try to slot time for everything everyday.

Flexibility over WLB seems the answer.

Here is a poem from the same book which is beautiful..gorgeous and it really touched my heart (and my lazy bone too :P)

The dishes are still in the sink.

Dirty laundry is piled high.

Somehow the entire day,

Seemed to just fly by.

I made a “to do” list.

I meant to follow through.

But there were other tasks,

That needed attention too.

Like cheering on my daughter,

As she took first steps into my arms,

Making sure she stayed safe,

From all potential harms.

Cuddling on the couch,

And reading a favorite story.

Helping her explore the world,

And marvel at all its glory.

So the chores will have to wait.

They aren’t that important anyway.

Because I was simply too busy,

Loving my child today.

— Sabrina A. Taylor

What has kept you busy today?? How do you prioritise your day? Do you feel like letting go for a day? Do you sometimes want to tear your hair out for sheer furstration? I am listening… 😉