I was watching the ‘Roly Mo’ show with my son today  (on CBBeebies)and there was a song where everyone sings about their type of special day. One says it’s when one of his friends drops by or when he gets into a really good book or when it rains…

Add any of these ingredients into one of my days and it makes my day special. This past saturday was going to be one of those, with a couple of my friends dropping by. But then my friend called to let me know that her kid was down with viral and she wouldn’t be able to make it. Oops! I thought..but I understand sleepless night with a sick toddler better than anything else.

Now I had gone to Sum’s kitchen and planned this elaborate lunch (elaborate enough for me!), so I thought I would just treat myself and family to something out of the ordinary for breakfast and cooked what I had planned to- ‘kothmiri annam Andhra style’ :P. It came out yum. (You should really visit Sumana’s blog…amazing mouthwatering and yummy recipes..I used a recipe of hers and what I had seen another of my friend do!).

What I did is pretty similar to this recipe. But I tweaked it by cooking it with basmati rice like a pulav and adding some sweet corn to it :).

we then went out for lunch to Little Italy in Indiranagar. I just absolutely love the food here.

Had asparagus soup..hot and nice – perfect for a cloudy afternoon. We treated ourselves to the buffet.

 Loved the array of fresh fruits, the falafal rolls, nachos, salads,the wood burnt pizza and of course thoroughly enjoyed my glass of wine. (My sense of humour goes into overdrive after a glass of wine..dont know if this happens only to me though :P).

A remedy for most maladies..:P

Ohhh!! And I have to mention the Chocolate bomb. Hard crust of chocolate, you dig into it and warm chocolate oozes out…heaven!


Chocolate bomb in the center..explosive..yum!




My day ended perfectly as well..

They say a picture speaks a thousand words..so I will leave you with one.

My two favourites - flowers and my son..just before we dozed off!

So this saturday turned out special in an erratic unplanned sort of way..(thanks to my hubby for that :)- brownie point alert!! :P)