Wowwwww! I can’t believe it myself. This is my second post about cars!!

I have driven a car for almost four months now and am way better a driver than when I initially started.

My husband must have almost wanted to put up something like this on the car – his car, in the wee days of my driving ;).


(I can’t blame the poor fellow..his car still bears the tell-tale signs of my driving skills 😦 )

(Being the magnanimous soul that I am :P,) I want to share the tips and tricks and advice that helped me get over my jitters.

The hand-brake magic:

Ok have you ever tried to climb up the ramps in malls, especially when you in the first ‘josh’ of learning driving, take out all your family members…yeah, I have been there. So to avoid the embarrassment, use the hand brake!

If the car stops in the middle of the ramp, then bring on the hand brakes, switch to first gear and with the hand brake on set the car in motion. Once the car starts moving, release hand brake and move ahead. Best and most useful advice ever! (Thanks Srav!)

The knee pain avoidance strategy:

I don’t know about you, but I would sit as close to the steering wheel as possible in the initial days. It sorta made me feel more secure. But move your seat back, otherwise there will have severe knee pains to deal with. (Credit-Hubby.)

Park and put the wipers up:

This blob of wisdom was imparted by a colleague. It supposedly increases the lifetime of the wipers! (Credit-Nawab of Hyd 😉 )


Isn't it obvious! I am speaking about parallel and perpendicular parking 😛

Ok, parking was my nemesis! But I did what I do best…googled! and read up. It sure helped me. I am going to insert two very self-explanatory diagrams.

Parallel parking

Perpendicular parking - 1


Perpendicular parking -2


Now I am so much more comfortable parking my car… and learning to park is so crucial when you dare to drive in Bangalore where parking space is scarce.


This is one thing that was the toughest to learn for me. But learn I did and how! The victims were my dad’s and hubby’s car which still bear the scars 😉 (I got the scratches on my car all cleaned up :P).

This is something that comes by practice. The only piece of advice is to look and gauge the space available behind your car and generally scout the area around for small kids and pets before you get in the car.

Also never move the car in reverse when you are twisting your body to look behind. First look and then move! That’s the way to groove! (Oops! I mean reverse.)

Some more words of self developed wisdom:

This is going to be more about the stuff you can keep in your car, and not about driving advice.

So here goes the list:

  • Charger for your phone – most essential if you are driving late. You need to be able to call someone in case of an emergency and you don’t want the phone to die on you at that moment.
  • Diapers and wet wipes – if you are a mom, you know why!
  • Regulars- especially for the irregulars 😛 (figure that one out..I am a bit squeamish about explaining more.)
  • Music – you absolutely need some for the never-ending traffic jams. They save your sanity!
  • Water – have you ever observed, how your kid/you feel thirsty when there is no shop to buy a mineral water bottle, anywhere in sight!!
  • A change of clothes for you and the baby. (for the ‘just in case’ moments moms!!)
  • Also remember to fill petrol and pump up the tyres.
  • A car seat for your kid will be very useful. They wont be able to squiggle and wriggle as much. it definitely helps when they fall asleep while driving as you can buckle them in.
  • Also some music and toys that your child likes will make travel pleasant.

So what do you think?? Do you do anything different? Please add onto my knowledge base. Share your experiences and let’s share some laughter and smirks over our driving (mis)adventures!