After two nights spent virtually sleepless, applying cold packs on a child running high fever, forcing yourself to wakeup every couple of hours to check his temperature, I had to drag myself to work today. To say that I was feeling de-motivated would be an understatement. (Especially after my son asked me whether I could ‘worfomome’ – work from home? with that cute puppy dog look in his eyes 😦 )

At office, I chanced upon this blog (the link ,I didn’t save – forehead smack…it was a lovely blog) about making today count. It was beautiful and just what I needed for the day!

It spoke about celebrating your everyday victories and achievements.

We tend to just look at the big picture and forget the everyday good stuff –  don’t we?

We keep focussing on the big stuff like promotions at work / better grades in school / making your house look like something out of those good home  magazines (not me but many people including my mom are such clean freaks :P). But what about the small stuff like the time you went to office to save a leave, even though you didn’t feel like it or the time you wanted to give up and doze off but still studied another chapter? Or even the time, when during the morning rush to office, you took a deep breath and controlled your temper and didnt scream at your kid??These are the small itsy- bitsy achievements that we should appreciate and celebrate.

I had read somewhere about the difference between achievement and success. Achievement is when you do a task well and take it to completion. Success is when others appreciate you for that.

Maybe we should just concentrate on the achievements – big or small and the appreciation will follow (in most cases). Hah…that almost sounds like our ‘Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana’ from Bhagavadgeetha!

So all of you, especially all the mothers out there –

What was your achievement for today? What motivates you? Dont forget to keep a count of your everyday achievements!

If there are none to count today don’t lose heart 🙂 , the next 24 hours are close by and a fresh start all over!

And for no particular reason apart from the fact that flowers cheer me up and this one was blooming when the day was gloomy and the other flowers decided to not bother smiling at the world ( and that I took the photo using my phone) I am going to post this –