All you people shouting “now!??” ,  yeah! I watched this amazing movie only last Saturday and that too on a dvd.

Yeah,this is a mommy blog and mommies(especially yours truly) are usually boring creatures who aren’t up-to-date with the latest movies / fashion /latest happenings. (I can’t help knowing about Anna Hazare because of all the media frenzy surrounding him. I just hope we don’t have to deal with two corrupt institutions by the end of it – one the Indian government and the other the Lokpal!!.) Sorry for heading off on a tangent there.

I have fallen in love with the movie. It was beautiful. Had all the ingredients for a perfect movie.

Beautifully written and thought out characters – check.

An intriguing storyline – check.

Lovely animation – check. (the flying scenes are awesome. Wish I could have watched it in 3D.)

A moral – Check. (Your worst enemy might not be such a bad person after all :P)

Lovely voice overs –check (Especially Stoick, the viking chieftain and father of the hero. I love that heavy Scottish accent!)

A small love story thrown in – check.

The hero is the son of the viking chieftain ‘Stoick the vast’. He is named Hiccup, like he was some minor hiccup in his father’s master plans. The vikings are constantly plagued by the dragons which steal their livestock and burn up their houses. so the main job of the viking men is to slay dragons. they even have an academy to train their young!

Now as a rite of passage to manhood, Hiccup has to kill a dragon.

But Hiccup is not like his father. He doesn’t fit into the viking idea of manhood. He is an inventor, a geek, a nerd! He likes making new devices. He uses one of his inventions – a catapult to actually bring down ‘Night fury’ the most dreaded dragon!

Nobody believes him. He heads out to the woods alone, to find the dragon caught in the ropes of his catapult, not dead but injured. It has lost a part of its tail which is critical to its flying.

The rest of the story is about how Hiccup trains his dragon and in the process learns to ride one. He designs a wing for the dragon. He also learns a lot of tricks about taming them.

Astrid, the girl Hiccup has a soft spot for, discovers this liaison and is finally coerced by Hiccup to fly with him and comes to love the dragon as much as he.

Finally Hiccup finds out that there is a bigger creäture , that the dragons have to feed, to save themselves from being killed.

The rest is a visual treat as Hiccup and Toothless (named for its retractable teeth!) and the other viking teenagers and dragons swoop in and out and it all finally ends in a huge flurry of fire and rubble as the monster is vanquished!

At the end, both Toothless, with a prosthetic wing and Hiccup, with a prosthetic leg walk (an occupational hazard as Hiccup tells his father 😉 )out to a world where vikings and dragons are living harmoniously!

There were just a few dots that didn’t connect. How come the men are all such brawny male specimens and the teenagers are mostly scrawny. The viking world seems to be divided like that :P.

Also how come Stoick and the other guy with a metallic hand (the blacksmith) are the only ones with a Scottish accent? But what the heck, the accents suit the characters perfectly!

As one of my friends would say, ‘suspension of disbelief is the key to enjoy a movie’ 🙂

Oh! and I have to sneak this one here… my son woke at the fag-end of the movie. He saw Toothless and Hiccup falling down into the flames.. and he says ..

 “Amma they should have sent chota Bheem here” 😛

  (I actually shared this joke with a not-yet-mom friend of mine and I got polite laughter over the phone. While writing this, I realised that Chota Bheem might not yet have become a part of her daily routine :P)

 This is a must watch, if like me, you have missed it!