I am back after a hiatus.My son’s viral fever relapse made me crave for a vacation to recover from the one I had just taken. Sleepless nights and the scare that we had about our kid’s health, enough to put a writer’s block in my head (or wherever a writer’s block goes to).

This one is dedicated to all the moms who ‘work’ (are there any who don’t???). Please include the SAHM, WFHM and the working mom. All of them at some point, I am sure,  wish they weren’t spread so thin…you know..just like butter spread too thin on toast doesn’t taste too good.. (all that food analogy has made me hungry!)

I found this blog and it really perked me up.


 I thought, why not write something that would fit the Indian context..so here is my version..

Dedicated to all the moms ,

The ones who wake up at 3:00 AM for a night feed and still cuddle and nuzzle their baby, even though they know they have a work day tomorrow and have to get going in the morning.

The ones that worry that their kid is not getting enough hugs and kisses and try to make it up in the few couple of hours they have with them.

The ones who feel overwhelming guilt at having yelled at their kid/s before leaving for work. (and sorta babble to everyone at work that they yelled at their kid!)

The ones who never ever get time for anything like a workout or a couple of hours to themselves without the urge to doze off.

The ones who torture themselves over the fact that they have no control over their kids behaviour while they are at work.

The ones who shop for milk at 10:00 PM while coming back from work because they forgot to in the morning and then go back to buy the diapers… ‘cos ..yeah they forgot!

The ones who work from home and attend conference calls with their finger tips always hovering over the mute button 😛

The ones who comb their hair at a traffic jam or when a signal goes red…’cos they wanted to take out time to kiss their lil one good bye before heading off.

The ones who agonise that they aren’t spending enough time with their kids.

The ones who sometimes have to leave a sick child with another care taker and shed a few quite tears when they think no one is looking.

The ones who call sick to work sometimes, just so that they can attend a school function.

The ones who cook, clean and manage all household duties but still always find the time to play with their kid.

The ones who sometimes think that the best time was when they could carry the baby in their tummies, everywhere they went 🙂

The ones who sometimes wish they didn’t have to work and some that like going out to work (most of the times )(and still sometimes wish they didn’t have to)!

The ones who fear that they wont measure up to a SAHM or a SAHM who wonders if she has lost herself.

The ones who fear that the kids of SAHM have an advantage over their kids or vice versa.

I know how exhausting and draining and rewarding this motherhood jig can be.

This is an acknowledgement for the often unappreciated art of  jugglery that is called ‘being a mother’ and most importantly for the immeasurable love that we dole out!

I feel the pain, exhaustion, guilt and the joy (and not necessarily in that order always) of parenting that all of you moms out there feel.

But a huge ‘Yay!’ to you all. You gals are my real life heroes!

As always feel free to add on to the list 🙂