Driving is one of the things that I genuinely enjoy. Especially the late night drives, with the windows down  and the music of my choice. I have led a life oblivious to Bangalore traffic jams till a couple of weeks ago, thanks to my late shifts! Now with my son’s schooling , I fought hard for an early shift and got one too. But with it comes the bonus of Bangalore traffic jams…

On Friday night I was stuck in traffic at every turn and corner. My knees were about give way and my feet ached, from the constant dance of clutch-brake-accelerator that they were being forced to do. (Also in all this mele, the hub cap of one of my car wheels fell off…is this common occurrence? Has it happened to anyone else?? )

One of the numerous jams that I got caught in..


But that aside, I was stuck in the traffic jam for over an hour and was ravenously hungry. The only songs in my iPod seemed to be of Bryan Adams…raspily singing…”I am  gonna hold you baby” or something like that (can’t be bothered to google for it). I curse the days of my Bryan Adams fever, where I have loaded the iPod with his songs. His voice sounds like someone walking on dried leaves or a sandpaper being rubbed…and just not the sort I wanted to be stuck in a traffic jam with.

Need I say more—I was not happy. I was hungry and mad and had to control these impulses where I wanted to go and ram into the auto in front me repeatedly.(Umm..that would have been so satisfying. I checked with my husband and he feels the same way about auto fellows. So I guess that is normal.)

Then I realised that happiness cannot be found outside, that one has to dig deep….in their…Handbags!! (yeah, you read it right the first time. HANDBAGS…and remember you read it here, on this blog  first 😉 )

I found an entire pack of dark chocolates with roasted almonds in them.!! I also found a tin of salted nuts – a remnant from our Mysore trip 😛

Whiskers on kittens and warm woollen mittens and THESE are a few of my favourite things!

Needless to say this made me very happy and contented and saved many an auto from my wrath.

All is well that ends well.

Love and peace,



I apologise for the horrible photography.