Everyday, as I see the world with my son’s eyes, I am left filled with wonder and awe at how he is carving an identity for himself. He is a little person with definite likes and dislikes, with his own little idiosyncracies and quirks and such.

For my part, all I want to do is run back in time and probably just spend the first few months of his birth just staring at his babyness rather than cribbing about all that lack of sleep.

For the first year, though he was out of my womb, he was still such a part of me. I was his primary source of food/caretaker..his world in all. I always feel like maybe I didn’t enjoy it enough and if I had to redo it all, I would slow down and enjoy being the centre of someone’s world.

I would take more photos, capture his gurgle and giggles on video and just live more in the moment.

There have been so many missed opportunities to take a video. I kept thinking that I would record the time when he was unable to pronounce his ‘R’s, but before I got to it, he soon outgrew that.

Also the time, when he would imitate me telling him a story with just expressions and grunts and ‘grr’s – that was so funny and cute. He outgrew that too and now is such a good storyteller.

Now he is going through the phase of leg hugs and sloppy,snotty kisses.We get attacked by leg hugs at a time when we are least expecting it. He just rams into us and holds our legs tightly with tiny hands. (My husband fervently wishes that my son was just an inch shorter or taller though :P)

I am sure we will miss these as well, when we no longer get them. (I for one, wouldn’t mind stooping down to begging for a few kisses).

There are some phases that I really can’t wait for him to outgrow…Like the way he digs around in his nose and then proudly displays the precious nugget…yaaaaaaaaaawk. 😛

But every time I look back, I am left wondering and speechless with a slight twist suspiciously somewhere near the region of the heart, at how did my precious baby..

grow into this little mischievous boy with twinkling eyes…

He adores this BEN 10 jacket!

How? (sniff..sniff)


Just yesterday night while driving, he told me that I was a very ‘feet’ girl and he would get me a big ‘fink fock’ 😉 (had to put this on record) (and still debating whether to take offence at the bigness of the ‘fink fock’ or jump up and down for the ‘feet’ girl compliment 🙂 )