Terrible twos-  I, completely, in all its glory, realise the meaning of those two terms!

I thought my son would be different. He has always been a sweet-tempered, obedient child (who’d have thunk it of my son !! :P). I thought we would just cruise over the terrible-twos. No problems at all and boy-oh-boy, was I in for a surprise or what!

Did these tantrums start as the clock struck twelve and he turned two? I don’t know, I don’t remember the finer details anymore. (Blame it on the foggy mommy brain.)

We have great, big wars and small battles from the minute he wakes up. The biggest one is about him brushing his teeth.

What’s so complex about brushing a toddler’s teeth, you might ask. Nay, I say. Either you don’t have a toddler/havent been up close and personal with one or you are one of the blessed few.

Obviously I am not one of them (The blessed few I mean)….my son just doesn’t like to brush his teeth. (I don’t really blame him, it definitely is not so nice to brush your teeth the first thing in the morning and that too daily. But in my efforts to be a good mom, I make sure he brushes his teeth every single day…phew!)

There are various war strategies that he employs and I counter attack, albeit not so effectively sometimes.


Scream so loudly and kick hands and legs in all possible directions so that the brush doesn’t stand a chance of reaching his mouth.


Wrap the human bay-blade in a huge towel, thereby nullifying the effect of flailing arms and legs and brush his teeth when he opens his mouth to scream.


Shut mouth so tightly that mom can’t pry it open with the toothbrush.


None devised so far!


When mom wears the finger brush and tries to brush teeth, bite as hard as he can!

Finger brush - for the uninitiated 🙂


Howl and then yell for your husband and pass this wonderful task and the ungrateful brat to him. (Or at least convince him to hold down the two feet terrorist so that you can brush without mortal danger to your fingers)


If and when mom finally manages to pry the lips open and insert the brush in, swallow all toothpaste.


Accept defeat and it sure helps if you have a philosophical bent…have you ever seen tigers and lions (or any other animal for that matter ) brush..like ever?? and have you heard of them having teeth issues. Never..not me 😛


Stuff that tiny fist into the tiny mouth and refuse to let go!


Holler for hubby to hold the hands and head in a wrestling manoeuver and brush away!! (remember to dodge the kicks though)

For short bursts of time, a couple of things seemed to work.

I express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Shahrukh Khan for the ‘Papa and Pappu’ advert. My son would get his teeth brushed as I regaled him with stories of colourful worms waiting to eat his teeth up.

Any excuse to put up a photo of Sharukh Khan 😛

(Cross fingers, touch wood..blah blah) For the past few days, he has brushed teeth without any fuss.

I do not know the reason for this change. I am just pleased and glad that we can start the day on a happy note, without a tear in those beautiful eyes…umm have I jinxed my luck by putting this out in the blogosphere?? I sure as hell hope not!

Gimme some tips and tricks as I work hard at keeping those pearly whites, white (Let’s just say – reasonably clean)!