Y’all know the story of Snow White, where the wicked queen keeps asking her mirror – “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all??”.

Yeah, that's me

 I feel like the wicked queen. No I don’t keep asking my mirror that question (lest the mirror shatter)! It’s just that when you have a child, they seem to reflect you in so many ways – the way they speak, behave, react,etc and sometimes the image (of yourself) you see can seem quite ugly.

Today, my son was shouting – actually enunciating each word very loudly when I failed to hear him the first time – “I-WANT-THAT-TOY”. I was annoyed by the tone and yelled at him not to shout. (Shouting at him not to shout..duhh, I know).

Some time later I kept telling him some thing and when he didn’t listen, I , in the same tone that he had used before, told him – “STOP-DOING-IT-RIGHT-NOW”. That was when it struck me! He is aping me and the result isn’t pretty at all.

Kids tend to learn more from example, than what you actually tell them to do. (I do this, but you don’t – never seems to work.)

Nowadays I have gotten into the habit of threatening him with repercussions for misbehaviour. If I don’t want him to throw the toys around, I say something like – “If you don’t stop throwing things around now, I am going to take away all your toys”. No, I don’t think there is anything wrong with this. He needs to understand that there is a price to be paid for misbehaving. But I was on the receiving end today. When I didn’t pay him attention as he kept on asking for a roll of red ribbon, he told me that if I didn’t give him the roll, he would bite my leg (the only reachable part of my anatomy at the time) and put me in jail !! (Found this hilarious, but you get the flow…)

My child is like a mirror who gives me a peak at my true self now and then. Most oft than not, the reflection is not nice at all.

This whole momming jig tends to make you introspect more and is somehow tricking me into being a better person. (Not that it is a bad thing, but my bad self does offer some resistance now and then :P)

But there are some times when the boy does something so sweet and wonderful, that you feel grateful that you can see a piece of yourself in that reflection.

yesterday, in honour of me working from home, my thrilled and overjoyed son gave me a few gifts. (Gifting is something that I love and put a lot of effort and thought into. I like to think that he has got that from me 🙂 )

Gifts = happy mom

Do notice the artfully pasted red ribbon. He broke one of his toys to get that stick and cut out a pack of ‘bindis’. Oh and there was one of his colour pencils hiding in there as well. (I think my MIL was in cahoots with the mischief-maker :P)

Life in many ways, is a mirror and you see and feel what you give out to the world. What does your reflection say about you?