The drama, the sweep of colours, the multitude of shapes draws me to the office terrace every evening. its my favourite time of the day. I love watching the sun go down with a cup of tea and shared laughter with friends or all alone with a book and a cup of steamed corn equally.

Its become such a daily habit and something I look forward to all day – to get myself out of the air-conditioned cubicles, off the constant search on the internet, the continous tapping of fingers on the keyboard and go out to the terrace. My very own love affair with the sunset..

Today I was alone, with my copy of P.G.Wodehouse and a deep sense of contentment as I watched the sky change colours, the clouds break away and come together in different formations, and within a span of few minutes the show ended. Maybe this is as close a restless soul like me can get to meditation.

Wanted to share this with someone (my husband,son,best friend or my mom who loves sunsets as much as I)…but all I can do at the moment is blog and share it with you all (and that doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all!)

Today’s sunset was breathtaking. The play of light and shadow on the clouds was beautiful. (Wish I had a better camera and some photography training to back me up. But all you are gonna get are some pictures shot using my phone camera..)

Breaking away


Collage of colours


Another day ends, with the promise of tomorrow.

The sun sets and sinks beyond the horizon with a silent sigh..Another day ends, but with the promise of tomorrow.