You are not allowed to be ‘just’ a can you live with yourself, if you are one?? You have to be something else as well to prove yourself – something productive with your time and energies, ‘cos , you see being “just” a mother is no good at all.

Whoever heard of ‘just’ mothers making  a difference in anything in this world?!

Then there is also the guilt that you are destined to feel incase you are doing something else- one of leaving your kid/having ambitions when you have no right to. You see your first responsibility after you become a mother is to lay your dreams down and bury them for good. If after all the work is done and the noses wiped and little tummies fed, you do find time to indulge yourself, then so be it. But you dare not give wings to your fancies.

Who set these notions a-start? why do mothers, whatever they are, wherever they be, get sucked into this mindless vortex of work, guilt and as if this was not enough , we are self criticising as well!

My husband had to go to the US when the baby was a couple of months old, for almost a month. No guilt there. (I understand, I couldn’t leave the baby because I was his primary source of food and that was important-very important to me). But I am sure, if it were a mom, she would have so much guilt that she left the baby, what with the over imaginative minds that we have, we would have sure felt that this break will for sure harm the mother kid bonding and what not…But the kid loves the dad as much, though he definitely spends less time with the kid and lesser time feeling guilty about what he does and doesn’t.

Why can’t we be happy being ‘just ‘ mothers and know that we are doing the most important work of bringing up a little human being?

Why can’t we be moms who work and still be happy knowing we are doing what is best for the baby and ourselves?


Why can’t we just be?

Yesterday when I got off late from work, I was distraught that I had lost almost two hours with my son. (My son has his own unique way of making up for lost time- He made sure we didn’t sleep till late in the night and that I fed him at 11:30 PM. :P)

Maybe we could just cut this guilt crap from our lives and be happier moms and women for our self and our loved ones’ sake.

Ladies, (and gents) do chip in with your suggestions.