A lot has been said about the female of the species, the mystery ,the magic and sometimes the tragic. The whining of men about how they can’t understand women.

But have you ever thought of it the other way round?

I have had the opportunity to observe the male species (homo-sapien) at close quarters throughout the past week.

They are certainly very interesting, sometimes rib-crackingly hilarious, absurd, confusing and sometimes endearing…There are so many things that I can’t understand about them and then they claim that they are but simple creatures 😛

  • The male ritual of beat up the other guy / pick on the weakest and beat him up and then together laugh about it.

Me and my friend were having ice-cream at corner house the other day. Saw a bunch of college kids (gaawd..makes me feel old). There was this thin guy, who was getting kicked by the others in the gang. He wasn’t doing anything about it, but was just laughing along with the others. Then there was this other hunk who came along, pretty hefty and well-built, with cool goggles (I think they like to call them shades now..) and kicked the unaware original-kicker. The whole gang then burst out laughing. Yeah..totally makes sense! No not to me!!

  • Use of expletives.

My son forced me to go with him to the playground. The atmosphere was testosterone charged and not a single female around. There was this group of ten-year olds playing cricket. The use of expletives, almost seemed like a rite of passage and was enough to make me cringe and my ears burn red! Whats about men and bad language. Do they have to swear to be macho?

  • Refusing to accept defeat.

The kiddo batting was legally out twice but refused to give in. Used a lot of expletives the third time he was clean bowled, but then came back to join the fielding team and everyone seemed happy. No clue how that works!

  • Unable to verbalise feelings.

 Really !! why? weren’t they taught how to speak? whats so difficult about telling another person how you actually feel?

  • Physical aggression.

What makes men physically aggressive against women? Just because they can I guess! They try to then put the blame on the woman, that she irritated him too much. Would they have the balls to do the same to say their boss / any other person (male or female) on the streets, who irritates them? where do they manage to dig up the control required then?

  • Unable to do house work / take care of kid.

NO! I don’t attribute this to any missing link in the DNA but just plain laziness most of the times. Sometimes it could also be that they think of it as a lesser job. Sometimes they might be really inept (need to give them some credit, somewhere)

  • Unable to cry/not able to show emotions.

Most male kids cry and whine a lot. They certainly are very affectionate and have no problems showing their feelings. How do they end up the way they do, later in life? Beats me!

  • Every man says I love you differently.

Is your guy the candles and flowers romantic types or the Mr.Fixit type. Each one supposedly has his own style. Very difficult to understand that they are really saying ‘I love you’, when they are actually fixing the tap or taking out garbage! (and that too after a lot of goading :P)

  • The ohh-so-delicate male ego.

I am still searching for words to write about this. I give up!

  • Refusing to ask for directions while driving.

Refer back to the previous point. Do you think they are related? Is it the echo of the primeval map reader gene?

This is such a gross generalisation of men. I am sure there is an exception to every one of those stereotypes that I have listed.

What do you think? do you have more stereotypes or a lot of contradictions to what’s written. I am listening…



This is what Mohan has to say (on FB in response to my blog). Hilarious, witty!

“I am unable to verbalize my feelings, but let me try 🙂

1) Beat up the other guy – Man love. If we love a guy, we express ourselves on him.

2) Expletives – Deeper man love.

3) refusing to accept defeat- Winner attitude, go-getter, etc.

4)Unable to verbalise – it stands for somehting, but I’m unable to put it in words….

5) Physical aggression on women – No real man will do that.

6)Unable to show emotions – We were always told that women went for strong silent types.No?Damn, I’ve been ripped off!

7) Unable to do housework – Combo of laziness and an effort to conceal inability in that line of work.

8)Male Ego – What male ego?we are just being honest abt the fact that we know everything! In fact, pretending otherwise is hypocrisy.

9)Not asking directions – see 8 above”