After delving deep into the psyche of the human male, let’s try the female! What do women want?

How many times have you heard the men in your life moan and groan that they cannot understand what women want. There is even a movie with the same name. Yet the mystery prevails!

Me a mere mortal, am going to try to draw the veil from this eternal mystery..:P !


Just like any other guy, we want to be happy, beautiful, successful, respected…we want just about everything, exactly like you 😛

Let me try and make it a tad simpler…

We women would love to have a wife, I  have always wanted one. Someone who would wash my clothes, make my bed, feed the kids, cook, take care of me when I am sick. Actually far better than a wife would be the quintessential , multi-purpose man-servant of Hindi movies..Ramu kaka 😉

Beti , you must be tired after work, chai banaoon ya coffee?

 We women would like men to surprise us with gifts, the more expensive the better. (sometime we would also like to be asked what we want at that point in time).

diamonds 😉 - we would also like ipads, iphones, a jazzy new car and such 😛

When a woman asks you how she is looking in a dress, be honest. Give her feedback in sentences, not just a couple of words, like ‘nice’, ‘good’! and learn to tolerate when we ask you the same question a couple of times. we are just looking for some reassurance.

We would also like zero calorie versions of stuff like this:

cream caramel pudding with roasted cashews – corner house

What women want from men is pretty simple actually. She wants time and attention. She doesn’t want to be competing with any of men’s gadgets /games for these.

What women like most in men..hmm..we do like to look. But the eye candy effect wears off faster for a female.
The most attractive aspect of a man is probably his confidence. Confidence to handle any situation, what I mean is not arrogance /one-upmanship, but the confidence in a man which enables him to say, “I will be able to pull through”. (we don’t mind if you don’t have the money, as long as you can convince us of the ability to earn it :P)
The other stuff – respect , love, companionship goes without saying.
I know I have taken the risk of speaking for a lot of women here. But tell me what you want – from men or life in general?