I thought I was done with the terrible twos. The tantrums would cease. I would have my docile, non-complaining toddler back. I think the Gods heard my sigh of relief and you know Gods get angry when a mortal decides to get too complacent. They just decide to throw in a couple of twists and turns in your path to keep things interesting (for them mostly). (Just the way lord Indra got upset when the Bridavanvasis didn’t give him enough adulation..yeah I have been listening to a lot of stories my dad tells his grandson :P) So here I am, with an almost three-year old. Clueless on how to handle his temper tantrums. All the tricks and distraction methods that used to work in the terrible-twos have become redundant. His verbal and communication skills have improved by leaps and bounds. You would think that handling a toddler at this stage would be easier..wouldnt you? THINK AGAIN!

The champion ‘fit-thrower’ – Is he gonna hate me for putting up this pic in the world wide web – only time will tell 😛

I have discussed this with many moms and dads at work and finally arrived at the conclusion that this phase is normal. One parent told me the gory story of how his son jumped on him while he was cleaning his ears with an ear bud. The thing went very deep into his ear canal and he says, he had to run to the other room to avoid thrashing out! I have worked on a couple of techniques , and some seem to work. (Oops are the Gods listening?? or rather reading this blog!Have I jinxed my luck??) I know each child is different and what works for one might not work for another. But just in case this helps:

  • Use nonsensical humour:

Whenever my son falls down/hurts himself, he starts crying but all the while saying that nothing has happened to him. I have started asking him ‘where nothing has happened’ and he ends up telling me about where it’s hurting him. (It’s actually hilarious but for the fact that the kid is in pain.)

  • Bring into focus something more interesting:

My son can throw a fit of the magnitude of 40 minutes if I refuse to let him open the cover of my multi-vitamin tablet(the tablet covers are pretty sharp ended and that scares me). Yesterday, I held the tablet in my hand and asked him to open it. I pretended that his strength was too much for me and with a huge grimace let him open my hand and remove the pill (Maybe I should run for the Oscars :P). Or like the time when we made a paper boat and in the dead of the night , he wanted to go fill up a tub and float the bloody thing in it…I just started blowing it around, and he found it way cooler than floating it around…you get the flow..

  • Patience

Cant say much more about it and not that I have this commodity in abundance. But it sure helps 🙂

  • Let him have his way whenever possible (within acceptable limits of course)

Simple yet very effective!! That’s it from my end. Everyone out there, I am truly looking for pointers here. Tell me how you managed your kids/seen others managing theirs! If you just keep lurking around my blog, without leaving any comments, its high time you de-lurked yourself! Suggestions please!!