I am old enough to not be able to utter ‘me’ and ‘girl’ in the same sentence without some serious embarrassment. At least that’s what everyone twenty-five and above seem to be thinking. The truth is I don’t feel all that wise or old. (I am just hoping that I grow up faster than my son :P)

Ohh but this is not about my age (mental or physical). Is there anyone who wouldn’t want a slice of your girlhood back? Where all you had to worry about was your current crush /what you would wear to college tomorrow and sometimes the exams?!

I got that and a lot more this past week. you see, I didn’t even have to worry about the exam and I am way past crushes 🙂

If y’all are wondering which utopia I landed into, I spent an entire week at my mom’s place, aka tavaru mane, aka amma mane. Yes, an entire week!

I hadn’t called my mum forever or met her for more than an hour for ages..and it suddenly dawned on me that I need to go back to my roots and rejuvenate myself spiritually and physically. Okay, that’s a load of crap. I just wanted to really laze around.

I called my mom and informed her that I will be settling down for a week’s time. Please note, there was no asking, only informing. Oh, what a joy it is to be able to do that with someone!

Me and my son, landed there last Wednesday.

The minute I enter my mom’s place, I let out the coiled up tensions. It feels like I am enveloped by unquestioning, unconditional love and I feel safe enough to let go. 🙂

 I had earlier resolved, that I would do the small little stuff like packing my lunch box and giving Rishi a bath by myself, that way my mom wouldn’t be over burdened. Nada..nothing like that happened in the seven days I was there. Mom packed my lunch box every single day. I didn’t have to worry about giving my son a bath over the weekends. That was taken care of by mom and dad :). I shopped a lot with my sister, went for long morning walks with my son. Climbed the gasa-gase tree and got some juicy fruits. Came back home and hogged yummilicious mummy made food.

(Just now found that the gasagase mara of my childhood is actually the jamaican cherry tree..


Watched a movie, read a few books whenever I felt like it, slept if I was sleepy, all in the confidence that mom was in charge. I no longer had to be responsible for anything. Could just put my feet up, do anything I wanted to and just be.

Felt like the care free girl that I used to be, all over again. Today I go back and something in me wants to cry, great huge sobs.

When I got married and left for my husband’s house, I had no clue why everyone around me were crying. (My SIL started it and I just followed her cue..). But today I do (understand) and am unable to shed the tears that gather.

Amma when can I come back next? (every girl would know her amma’s answer..”whenever you want!”)