One night, when I was about sixteen, and my parents were fast asleep, I watched a movie called ‘Prince’ on DoorDarshan. I don’t remember the heroine’s name, but I remember falling in love with Shammi Kapoor. The brilliant eyed and broad-shouldered ‘Prince’..with his funky head jerks, singing ‘badan pe sitare…’! The love has endured! When I saw him in ‘Rockstar’, I couldn’t help but feel awe at the twinkle that was still present in his eyes and the screen presence that he exudes. This, him, is the best part of Rockstar! 

Out beyond wrong doing and right doing, there is a field.

I will meet you there.

(And what? let’s play cricket??!!)… That’s what ‘Rockstar’ was to me. A beautiful poetic story all gone wrong. Let loose without a solid storyline. Also it doesn’t help that the leading lady has no acting skills!

Nargis Fakhri, seems out of her depth and can’t emote a thing. Why does she clap her hands in glee like a kid seeing circus, after she gets to see a desi-porn movie – Junglee Jawani!

The most of her acting ability comes in the scene as she lies in a coma.Very natural!

Yeah, she is a hottie, goes without saying, but has she had a bad lip job or what?? The permanent petulant pout is irritating to watch. All her emotional scenes make her look as if she has a constant stomach upset / is about to puke… Gawd! couldn’t they have chosen someone better?? Even Katrina might have been a tad better!

Now , don’t go away thinking it was a crappy movie..It is good in patches. With Ranbir Kapoor shining bright.

As Shammi says in the movie – ‘Yeh bada janwar hai. Chote pinjre mein nahi samayegaa’. The guy has everything going for him… a passionate, inspired performance. He makes you really feel for the awkward gangly youth and the heart-broken, mad rock star that he becomes.

Ranbir’s dialogues, pack a punch and have a lot of humour interwoven. One of my fav scenes is one where, Ranbir, who is advised by the college canteen owner that all he lacks is the ‘dard’ – heartbreak\pain necessary for a great singer,goes ahead and proposes to Heer, the college hottie, just to get his heart broken!(that scene is endearing as well-except for the fact that Nargis is in the scene 😉 ). Then, feigning a heart-break comes to the canteen and says- ‘itni chatni mein do samose khaoon kya??’

The slow motion puking scene (Ranbir takes to drinking) still has me puzzled…I mean, why would anyone want to watch Ranbir puke in slo-mo?(but that could be just me)

The cinematography is beautiful. The locales, be it Kashmir/Prague are breathtakingly beautiful.

The music is mind-blowing, genius, its A.R.Rehman..need I say more. Go buy yourself a copy of ‘Rockstar’ music.

The sufiana ‘kunfaya kun’ is soulful. ‘Sadda haq’ is rebellious. ‘Jo bhi main Kehna chahoon Barbaad kare alfaaz mere’ touched my heart. ‘Naadan parindey’ makes you shed a silent tear or two…all different songs, but they harmonise well and add everything to the movie.

The costume of Ranbir Kapoor is being touted as different. Manish Malhotraji…am I the only one seeing similarities here??

What do you guys think?? 😛

Watchable once for Ranbir’s acting, Rehman’s music and of course for Shammi’s twinkling blue eyes!